Player-of-the-Week is… Suki Wiggs!

And he owes every bit of the POW win to Saint Martin’s and their ridiculous fouls. We’d be annoyed with Suki, except SMU was playing such an awful form of basketball, that… Suki deserves every bit of this win. He was great in regard to rebounding and free throw shooting and if there’s one thing we harp around here, it’s make your darn free throws. Suki did that. His game against SPU was interesting at the very least -we’re curious to see the strategies other coaches employ to try and stop him.

It’s been a long time since our conference saw a guy as athletic Suki and you know, high flying basketball is as high flying basketball does. Is it our favorite? No, we think the style with which he plays should be reserved for pro-ams where teamwork and chemistry come second, but it is what it is. He does what he does well and Coach Oz supports him in that, so he’ll continue toying with our conference.

Congrats Suki!!


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