Previewing Tonight’s Games

All times PST.

Western Washington @ MSU-Billings @ 6pm

Western Washington has had plenty of rest but will no doubt be fired up in Billings. Billings doesn’t tend to be their kryptonite game -that’s typically UAF, so everything should be fine. Expect Billings to put up a good fight but Western to dominate them.

Western Oregon @ Northwest Nazarene @ 6:30pm

Bouna should bounce back, but it won’t be nearly enough against the weapons of Alex Roth, JULIAN NICHOLS (cannot express how glad we are to see him function again), Andy Avgi, and hopefully Devon Alexander. Hopefully regarding the last one because Devon doesn’t have a great history of doing well in conference -we want this to be the year that changes and it all starts with one game.

Alaska-Fairbanks @ Seattle Pacific @ 7pm

*throws hands up* Who knows. Seattle Pacific should win, but will they win is a different question. UAF got a nice victory over SMU, but still appears to be struggling in winning off the tundra. Everyone always wakes up to play the Falcons, so the creeping back in they allowed of the Saints shouldn’t happen, granted the Falcons will never likely have to creep back in -if it’s close, it should be close the whole game.

Alaska Anchorage @ Saint Martin’s @ 7pm

We’re actually really excited for this one. UAA played just well enough to get it done against SPU, but this game should let them dominate. Expect big games from Corey, Suki, Diante, and a more understate game from Brian McGill -but as the point guard, understated is his game. Don’t let his lack of numbers fool you -he’s what’s behind the great numbers of the other three.

CU-Portland @ Central Washington @ 7:30pm

THE CAVS CAME ALIVE!!!!!!!!! But Northwest Nazarene and CWU are very different teams. The Wildcats are coming off of a fantastic win against the Wolves and are undoubtedly excited to keep the ball bouncing. CU-PDX got a great win against Northwest Nazarene, but are still likely to be in way over their heads with those pesky (in a good way) Wildcats.

Bonus Game:

Cal Poly Pomona @ UC San Diego @ 7:30pm

This is actually our game of the night. We’re excited about UAF/SPU, but this game actually matters more, even in the GNAC. Last night UCSD was upset by Humboldt State (of course) and so tonight we’re kind of expecting UCSD to upset Cal Poly Pomona, because that’s the way life has been working. While this one game won’t determine the regional host, it’s one of the big stops on the road to the Madness.

Tonight we’re honestly really not sure what our plans are, so whether Nightlights have the potential to happen we’ll see. Regardless, there’ll be a post up tomorrow talking about all of them and we’ll try to keep you guys threaded into the action on Twitter.

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