Nightlights: A POPPIN’ END TO 2015!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we have no life, but it’s good we lack one because we got to witness an AMAZING DAY of GNAC men’s basketball and yes: It was in fact almost a full day.

Before anything else: BRIAN MCGILL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brian is bae.

Relax all of you jealous types. We could (and do) say that about approximately 175 guys; all of the GNAC, plus our beloved graduate program.

Oh god, NAIA basketball. All of the guys are for the most part between 6’0 and 6’5, and so at one point yesterday, our coach was pacing the bench (while we were down 30) going ‘DOES ANYONE WANT TO ACTUALLY PLAY THE FOUR OR THE FIVE?!? I DON’T CARE WHO, I DON’T CARE HOW TALL YOU ARE, JUST [EXPLETIVE] GO AND DO IT. GO! *points*

Good times. Not really. But in better times: We can’t even be mad on nights like this; frankly we’ve learned to love being wrong because if you’re writing a basketball blog and can’t embrace that -you’re gonna have a bad time.

We promise all of these exclamation points are 100% sincere, because these are the Nightlights: Where we just get to indulge in all of the great things that guys in our conference do and not worry about the implications of other stuff until NEXT YEAR. 

Game #1: UAF @ SMU.

  • The University of Alaska Fairbanks NANOOKS went a whopping 95% from the free throw line. Things got dicey, SMU was fightin’, the Saints shot 78%, but… MAKE YOUR FREE THROWS. The Nooks did and they got their first ‘W’ off the Tundra!
  • Those same Nooks grabbed a massive -46- boards. Forty-six. Sit there. Let it sink in. Appreciate it.
  • Bangaly grabbed 11 boards.
  • Also of note: Fred Jorg of SMU grabbed 11 boards as well, so that’s good too.

Game #2: SFU @ MSUB

  • Michael Harper (SFU) MADE 100% OF HIS TEN FREE THROWS.
  • Preston Beverley (MSUB) grabbed NINE boards off the bench.

Game #3: UAA @ SPU

  • *rumble* *rumble* *rumble* *rumble* Wait, what’s that we hear? SPU IS TUMBLING DOWN THE RANKINGS LIKE A GIRAFFE ON AN ESCALATOR. UAA got the win and we’re RIDICULOUSLY proud of them. Seriously.
  • SUKI WIGGS HAD 10 REBOUNDS. Sadly this really isn’t out of the norm for Suki so we rarely highlight it, but seriously: he does genuinely involve his teammates.
  • BRIAN MCGILL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He came off the bench and had 11 points in 30 minutes.
  • SPU IS A COMPLETE MESS!!!!!!!!!!!! We know all of the rest of you consider that a highlight and it’s honestly amusing the heck out of us (we’re learning to like this whole David thing) so we’ll humor you guys.

Game #4: WOU @ CWU

  • JULIAN NICHOLS ACTED LIKE JULIAN NICHOLS!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ve missed him so much. He finished with 29 points in 36 minutes.
  • CWU GOT IT DONE!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously: We’re proud of you and while ya didn’t win pretty, you got it done against a very good WOU team and you deserve the highest of props.


  • DREW MARTIN (who?) of CU-PDX HAD 30 POINTS AND EIGHT BOARDS. We’ve never seen numbers like these from one of this year’s Concordia guys, so… Whoa.
  • RILEY HAWKEN (also of CU-Portland) HAD 13 BOARDS OFF THE BENCH!!!!!!
  • The Cavs got their FIRST WIN OF THE YEAR, which via the transitive property makes them better than Dominican, so CU-Irvine take note about whatever schedule implications that has? <— sarcasm, just a bit.
  • JOEL DEVASTEY (NNU) had 10 boards.
  • Detwon Rogers (also of NNU) had 22 points!!!!!
  • The Crusaders fought really hard and played smart at the end. Bouna tried to hit the shot, it didn’t go in, but the decision to put the rock in his hands was right.

So much to be proud of but even more to work on. We’ll get into breaking down the good and the bad tomorrow morning, but for now… Enjoy these wins those who got them, and for those that came out on the losing side: Tomorrow is a new year.


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