The Latest NABC Poll

Nothing really to discuss because we’ve been discussing things for two straight weeks, so we’ll go over the positions and that’ll be it. Teams in italics are non-west teams that west region teams have played.

3. Western Oregon
4. MN-Moorhead
5. Cal Poly Pomona
8. Seattle Pacific
13. UC San Diego
14. Cal Baptist
21. Chico State

Receiving votes: Azusa Pacific (8), Colorado Mines (2)

We discussed this last week: We didn’t think WOU would move up because the teams ahead of them did what needed to be done. Same with Cal Poly Pomona. UCSD moved down, but that was after playing San Marcos in what was a very ugly game. It’s great that the Tritons got it done with only four players in the final minute and it’s great for San Marcos being able to do that, but… San Marcos has a losing record and the Tritons escaped by the skin of their teeth, so we understand them being dropped. Had they only played Western Oregon between now and then, that would be a different story.

Seattle Pacific moved up a spot, which likely just means that the sixth or seventh team lost because the Falcons haven’t played since the last poll. Cal Baptist seems fair -they did what they needed to do in killing PLNU. Chico State continues to receive too much credit for their loss to SPU, and… It continues to bug us in regard to Azusa Pacific. Chico State hasn’t played anybody BUT Seattle Pacific. Azusa has played Seattle Pacific, Cal Poly, and Cal Baptist. Yes, they only won one out of the three, but they still BEAT CAL BAPTIST. Chico doesn’t have a win like that. We like Chico, we want the Wildcats to do well, but right now their resume just doesn’t have it and the Cougars does, so… APU should be in and Chico should be in the merely receiving votes category.

CU-Irvine is no longer receiving votes, which… Ooookay. Do they have a truly great win? No. But do they have good wins? Yes. Do they have more than Chico? Yes. The Eagles have merely a loss to San Marcos and have wins against Seattle Pacific and Point Loma. Is a great resume? No. Would we vote them in? No. But they still have more than Chico. It may be a strength of conference thing -UCSD and CPP are really good, so mix that with the loss to SPU and you have a Chico team that looks good, but… Not buying it. The CCAA is probably slightly stronger, but the Pac-West is seeming a bit deeper.

Ridiculously excited to get into conference play starting tomorrow. There are a few huge match-ups this weekend from a regional perspective:

Seattle Pacific takes on the Alaska schools.
UCSD takes on Humboldt State and Cal Poly Pomona

We’ll see how those games play out. Obviously UCSD vs. CPP in particular has big implications in regard to rankings, so… Fun stuff on the horizon.

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