Previewing Tonight’s Game

Northwest Nazarene @ San Francisco State @ 5pm PST

What is there to really say about this game? That we hope Bouna continues his hot streak? That he probably will continue his hot streak (shout out to all of his friends/family in Norway that have been visiting the blog lately -vi elsker deg!) and we’re excited to watch? San Francisco State is an interesting one -on their list of accomplishments this season is a near-loss to a middle-of-the-pack NAIA team, and then four wins against Pac-West teams (Academy of Art x2, Holy Names, & Dixie State) and then three losses to conference opponents in Humboldt State, Chico State, and Stanislas.

A reminder: NNU’s schedule consists of wins against Dominican and CSULA, and then losses to UAA, UAF, and CSULA. They also lost to NAIA College of Idaho, but C of I is at least first in what’s typically a really strong NAIA conference.

What’s going to happen? Who knows. NNU could win. NNU could lose. It could be close. It could be a blowout. We’re gonna find out together tonight between the hours of 5 and 7pm.

Good luck Crusaders!


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