Previewing Today’s Games

Because you totally care about this after watching the Warriors/Celtics game. Hoooly guacamole, that was incredible. And some good northwest guys; Avery Bradley, Isaiah Thomas, Klay Thompson (although Klay was injured).

Still… We’ve gotta talk about MSUB, right?

Azusa Pacific 82 vs. MSU-Billings 64

It looks like exactly what we expected, but it sort of wasn’t? Almost? MSUB hung around for a good long time in the first half. APU would start slacking, MSUB would step on the gas and get close, APU would go again before slacking off, then MSUB would take the reigns. Then the Cougars of APU figured out that they needed to simply play good basketball and their good basketball won over MSUB’s valiant effort. So largely it was exactly what we expected, but it was still interesting to see that Pac-West teams are fading and letting people hang around.

Highlights: Jace Anderson had 12 points, Christian Evans had five boards. Off the bench: Preston Beverley had nine points and five boards. Were there other guys that scored? Yes. But their shooting percentages were so bad that they’re not worth a mention.

We’re sure MSUB is relieved to be playing NAIA Northwest, although… Maybe not. They put up a heck of a fight against SPU. We flipped between that game and the Dubs game and honestly it was bordering on a straight-up disaster there for a while. If the guys from Northwest didn’t exhaust themselves too much, tomorrow could be a good chance for them to upset.

Alright, on with today’s games:

Dominican @ Northwest Nazarene @ 1pm PST

We’ve really liked what we’ve seen out of the Penguins thus far and yet NNU held their own pretty well against the Alaska schools, so while we feel like it could be closer than we would have projected before the season, we still expect Dominican to lay the smack down -although obviously won’t be unhappy if we turn out to be wrong.

Azusa Pacific @ Seattle Pacific @ 7pm PST

One of the marquee non-con games on the schedule for all 11 teams, much less the Falcons. If you recall from the discussions post: Azusa Pacific isn’t currently ranked, although we think they should be. It should be a really good game. Last night Azusa was attempting to take MSUB not as seriously as they might and as noted: MSUB would creep back up. Seattle Pacific played an NAIA school and decided to try and rest their starters and it didn’t work out very well, although no doubt got the underclassmen some experience, so both of these teams are definitely anticipating each other and we’ll see what happens.

Nightlights? Maybe. Always a possibility. Otherwise we’ll see you tomorrow at 11am.


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