Discussions: Fred Jorg, Pac-West Results, Rankings + More!

On the agenda for today: Fred Jorg’s physique, Pac-West chaos, the rankings situation, and why we’re never impressed with SPU.

Finally watched SMU in person. We’ve been calling Fred tubby for months, but as it turns out… He’s actually just a legitimately big, big person. That sounds ridiculous. He’s a 7 footer, how would you expect him to be anything but big? Well, here’s the thing as it applies to the D2/D1/Euro/NBA species:

Big/Big guys (ex. 7’0/300)
Medium/Big guys (ex. 7’0/250)
Small/Big guys (ex. 7’0/225)
Big/Medium guys (ex. 6’5/225)
Medium/Medium guys (ex. 6’5/215)
Small/Medium guys (ex. 6’5/190)
Big/Small guys (ex. 6’2/190)
Medium/Small guys (ex. 6’2/175)
Small/Small guys (ex. 6’2/160)

The first part refers to structure and has everything to do with body fat percentage. We assumed because Fred was 300lbs, he was fat, because yes: Even 7 footers are typically fat when they weigh 300lbs. No one should weigh 300lbs for any significant length of their life. Once Fred stops playing seriously he’s going to want to make sure his weight drops to 260 or so within three or four months because even as a big/big person, his body is going to get very unhappy very quickly. We also suggest this coming year that he do his off-season cardio in the pool rather than on the court, because he’ll get enough running cardio through shooting drills and things like that, without actually doing plain old running that’ll murder his feet and knees.

So yeah. Fred Jorg. Big, big person, not tubby medium sized big person.

We play the vast majority of our non-conference against the Pac-West, thus what they do matters to us a lot. They also played their first round of conference games this past weekend and in short: We’re really happy with how it went. Winners in bold, reason we like the result after.

Holy Names @ Hawaii Pacific = HPU projects better than HNU, GNAC beat HPU 2-1, helps SOS.
Dixie State @ Cal Baptist = Strong team is strong; they beat both GNAC teams, thus we want them to look really good.
Azusa Pacific @ Point Loma = Point Loma is 1-1 vs. the GNAC, really liking what we’re seeing out of them, want them to be strong; we already know APU is strong.
CU-Irvine @ Chaminade = SPU lost to CU-Irvine, thus the better they are the more quality the loss.
A of A @ ND de Namur = Not super relevant.
CU-Irvine @ Hawaii Pacific = Again, we want CU-I to win as many games as possible.
Dixie State @ Point Loma = Dixie State is 3-1 against the GNAC; want the losses to look legitimate and the win to look worthy.
Holy Names @ Chaminade = Stronger looking wins; they’re 0-2 against the GNAC.
Fresno Pacific @ Dominican = We’re really liking Dominican, they’re 2-0 against us so far, so them being good would help make the losses matter less.
BYU-Hawaii @ Hawaii Hilo = 1-2 against the GNAC, we’d really prefer that BYUH was good, granted same thing for Hawaii Hilo.
Cal Baptist @ Azusa Pacific = We like and think both teams are really good and CBU only lost by a point, thus this helped us out. SPU plays APU on Saturday and we shall see.

The NABC Poll

3. Western Oregon -We don’t feel great about this considering their resume isn’t as good as UCSD, they didn’t go as far as SPU in the tournament last year, and while SPU lost everyone and WOU returned everyone, we feel like the Falcons still have a better resume.
5. Cal Poly Pomona -Perfect record, good wins against PLNU and Azusa Pacific.
13. Seattle Pacific -did what had to be done against WWU and SFU, good win against Chico, but we still feel this is a bit too high because the wins against Dixie State and BYU-H weren’t as quality as intended.
14. UC San Diego -They should honestly be ranked higher than SPU; more convincing win against two ranked teams. We get that SPU intended to have taken on three or so ranked teams, but the reality is that it didn’t happen.
20. Cal Baptist -Bordering on great win against #4 MN Moorhead, close loss to Azusa, we think Azusa is awesome, so dropping 10 spots feels too far, especially when their only losses come against Elite Eight participant APU and 14th ranked UCSD.
22. Chico State -Disagree. The loss against SPU looks fine but the Wildcats barely got past East Bay, and they don’t have a signature win. It’s not that they’re a bad team -it’s that outside of the SPU game, where have they truly been tested? If a west region team belongs in this spot, it’s Azusa Pacific.

Others receiving votes:

Azusa Pacific (1 vote): Swap APU and Chico and even then Chico deserves more than one measly vote (although we disagree with them being ranked at this point). APU we’re 50/50 on. We really like the Cougars, but we respect the opinion that they’re not quite there yet because of the two loss thing.
CU-Irvine (1 vote): They have a good win against SPU and a bad loss against San Marcos, so… It’s not that we don’t get it, it’s that we think this comes from someone giving them “quality win” points against SPU without accounting for the fact that the so-called quality win came on a neutral site. By all means it was a deserved and earned win, but was it quality?

Overall, we think CPP, WOU, SPU, UCSD, and CBU 100% belong in the rankings, while Azusa Pacific and Chico State are question marks with APU having the more deserving resume of the two.

Why do we pick on SPU and how do they feel about it?

We’re still waiting for our ring by Spring. National championship or bust. Get that ring, then we’ll stop picking on them for approximately six months.

We pick on SPU partly because we know that at least 3/5 starters are fully aware that they deserve to be picked on, and then the other two are pansies and can suck it. We also pick on them because they know what we think in regard to the positives of what they’re doing due to the fact that we say it all the time anyway. SPU is just different in that we know those coaches very well, we know how they coach, we know their expectations, we know their thought processes, so we’re less concerned about coddling because we know it’s been said anyway -most likely multiple times. WOU falls into that category-ish, but… Not quite ours; we didn’t go there. You’re always gonna be rougher on your own. MSUB and WWU are 100% ours, but right now getting after them would feel like kicking a couple of puppies.

TL;DR: SPU is fine with us picking on them because they DGAF[ishstick].

We’ve been trying to find and figure out Hanukkah shenanigans to post, but so far it hasn’t happened; hopefully it does. Otherwise: We’ll see you guys on Friday for the game day previews.


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