Previewing Today’s Games

All times PST.

Saint Martin’s @ Simon Fraser @ 2:30pm

Hahaha, Saint Martin’s has been a favorite around here since this whole thing started and then we were kind of worried about their post play this year and now, hahahahaha. Good luck SFU.

Central Washington @ Alaska-Fairbanks @ 3pm

??? We’ll say UAF wins because while we think UAA is good, we don’t think they’re quite as good as CWU made them look. Still, playing on the tundra’s a pain and UAF should bring the hurt. Hopefully Bengaly Kaba bounces back.

Northwest Nazarene @ Alaska-Anchorage @ 3pm

We’re not sure whether or not we’re impressed with the Crusaders or snickering about the Nanooks. Maybe a little bit of both. But it’s causing us to not have any idea what to do about this game. UAA demonstrated that we should predict a killing, but NNU demonstrated that we shouldn’t. Calling it that UAA wins by 10 to 12.

MSU-Billings @ Western Oregon @ 7pm

MSUB played really well against CU-Portland but the only thing CU-Portland and Western Oregon have in common is geography. That’s actually not meant to be super snarky -the thing is, WOU returned everyone while CU-PDX lost everybody. MSUB has good pieces that may not look as good against WOU, but remember: progress. Going for progress. WOU wins by 15 or so.

Seattle Pacific @ Western Washington @ 7:30pm

Game of the night. Supposedly Mitch Penner made a comment about how the Falcons didn’t care about the WWU game and aren’t expecting much. This pisses us off from two directions. First of all, because HOW DARE HE INSULT WWU. Second of all: HOW DARE HE GIVE WWU ANY MORE MOTIVATION THAN THEY ALREADY HAVE. So yeah. Basically we hope that Mitch Penner currently has a bad case of the stomach flu. The Falcons seemed to function just as well without him during the BYU-Hawaii game, so whether or not he plays shouldn’t impact our game watching experience in any way, shape, nor form.

If your team projects to make the conference tournament, you should be rooting for SMU, UAF, UAA, WOU, and SPU because strength of schedule is going to matter and those are the teams that have the best non-conference wins out of the pairs playing. If your team doesn’t project to make the conference tournament, you should be rooting for Chaos, although what that chaos is and who it entails is yet to be determined. If you’re a big believer in pre-season polls you’ll notably be rooting for CWU, NNU, SPU, SFU, and MSUB because those five teams are the lower projected finish of the pairs playing.

If you root for the underdogs, you might be a little confused. SMU vs. SFU? SPU vs. WWU? That’s some major parity. SFU… Always root for SFU. We’re not in that camp, because we need SOS above all else, but you can be in that camp. If you’re in our camp of going “Who the heck do I root for during the SPU/WWU game?” here’s our expert analysis: root for a meteor.

If no NightLights, we’ll see you at 11am tomorrow.


One comment

  1. LG

    * SMU by ~ 10
    * CWU @ UAF also leaves me with ?s… Dog fight or blow-out either way? It’ll be cool to see Stroud and Almir go at it.
    * UAA by ~ 15 or better
    * WOU, but I will NOT be surprised to see MSUB give them heck
    * SPU period. Don’t let up for one second on organization and defense. They’ve proven it doesn’t matter who plays or starts.

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