Reviewing Yesterday, Previewing Today.

Simon Fraser 59 @ Sonoma State 76

Let’s be realistic: Sonoma State came into this game at 5-1; it was going to take amazing performances from everyone to win and the Clan really only got a great performance out of one guy. The shooting was bad, generally speaking, and there’s a difference between good shooting vs. good defense. While the Seawolves of Sonoma definitely played some good defense… We tend to think that much of the blame falls on the guys for taking the shots and not distributing, not moving the ball. Play your own game. They do what they do, you do what you do. And SFU could have played a lot better defense to make this closer.

Highlights: Max Barkeley, whoa, had five boards, an assist, two steals, three fouls, and a whopping 28%, going 7-8 from the line; Michael Harper had six boards and two assists. Decent team rebounding effort.

Max Barkeley did his darndest to keep them in it, hitting some great threes down the stretch, but the Seawolves stayed the course. SFU definitely goes deep into their bench, which is great, but… The Clan’s in between a rock and hard place. We’ve seen teams win on the back of one player (see: Anchorage/Suki Wiggs) and we’ve seen teams lose on the back one player (see: SFU/Sango Niang last year). We’ve seen teams have a really short bench and make the tourney, we’ve seen teams have a long bench and not make it. There’s really no method, just whatever works, and we’re starting to wonder if SFU needs to drastically shorten their bench.

Western Oregon @ CU-Portland @ 7pm PST.

Hello new “rivalry.”

Today is the first day of conference play with Western Oregon taking on Concordia-Portland at CU-PDX. Welcome to the GNAC baby bros. We’d encourage the Wolves to be nice, but… That’s not the GNAC. And honestly, it won’t be good for our conference if this game is close. At this point in non-conference, what we’re needing to do is prove that our strong teams are really strong because of how many losses we picked up. WOU is still unscathed and we look forward to them continuing that tonight.

Good luck to both the Wolves and Cavaliers.


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