0-2 On the Day

………………… What is there to really be said?

WWU 76 @ Hawaii Pacific 82

On the one hand, we really don’t envy Saint Martin’s. On the other hand, it looks like they should have hope. But where do we stand? Never trust WWU not to be pissed off. Especially because the Vikings are going to want to really flex their muscles before getting ready to lay the smack down on Seattle Pacific. But back at this game… They lost. Again. There really are no words. We’re so mad we basically just have to walk away, especially because once again: a Pac-West team collapsed down the stretch and the GNAC team still couldn’t get it done. WWU was this — close to winning and didn’t do it. Have fun dying SMU.

Highlights: Ricardo Maxwell played FORTY FREAKING MINUTES, four assists, and 27 points; Kyle Impero played 37 minutes, grabbed ten boards, and scored eight points; Colby Mitchell had a full house with a rebound, an assist, a steal, two blocks, five fouls, and two points; Jeff Parker also played FORTY FREAKING MINUTES and had six boards as well as 25 points. Off the bench Blake Bowen went 5/5 on free throws and finished with seven points.

Vikings… Vikings, Vikings, Vikings… Congrats on your lack of turnovers (under 10, seriously impressive), but: MAKE YOUR DARN FREE THROWS.

Simon Fraser 67 @ Cal State Monterey Bay 93

*sighs* These teams were supposedly very evenly matched; they hang out in relatively the same-ish realm of the CCAA and GNAC respectively, they came into the game with the same record, and yet… See score.

Highlights: Michael Harper had three boards and sixteen points; Tyrell Lewin had six boards and 12 points. Off the bench Oshea Gairey had four boards, five assists, and 16 points.

Really not a lot to say. There’s nothing to forgive, but: beat Sonoma State and all will be forgotten.

On the horizon for tomorrow: Player-of-the-Week Noms + Announcement, and then a separate post previewing WOU vs. CU-Portland and reviewing the SFU/Sonoma State game.

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