Previewing Today’s Games

And the Clan’s game tomorrow.

WWU @ Hawaii Pacific @ 4pm PST

Hawaii Pacific is 0-2 against the GNAC, having lost to both Alaska schools. Time for WWU to make them 0-3. If WWU fails to do that, Viking fans you have permission to grab a beverage of choice and chug until you feel content -no judgement.

SFU @ CSU Monterey Bay @ 5pm PST

Like Hawaii Pacific, Monterey Bay is 0-2 against the GNAC with their losses coming against SMU and WOU, respectively. SFU fans, today is your day. Prepare your body for the win. If you drink after this, we will judge you because wins should be soaked in -not stupored in. And if you drink after SFU losses in general, you’re probably not sober right now anyway so it doesn’t matter, eh? But today. Today is the day no booze will be necessary.

SFU @ Sonoma State @ 2pm PST tomorrow.

This is going to be a challenging game. We’re friends with some Chico people and they hate playing Sonoma. Admittedly there’s a rivalry, so it’s a little different, but if Chico fears Sonoma that means you should too. The Wolves’ record makes that fear even more pronounced: They have wins against Dominican, Holy Names, and Dixie State, plus a close loss to Academy of Art -which they avenged handsomely by killing them by 20 in their next meeting. We’re not saying “Be afraid” (okay, maybe we are a little bit) we’re saying “Bring your “A” game.”

Good luck Vikings & Clan. Make the GNAC proud!

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