Previewing Today’s Games

Yeah, all of this stuff is up late -yesterday was kind of a big deal in our world because we were at Apple Cup all day and then got to go home, obsess about, and then freak out through the Chico State/SPU game. Exhaustion would be a good word for what’s going on.

UAF vs. Dominican @ MSUB @ 2pm PST.

Game of the day. This should be a really good game. Dominican is all pumped after a good win against MSUB, UAF is all mad after a loss to Dixie State, both teams feel that it’s well within reach to be bound for the tournament, and a win would be valuable for both programs. UAF really needs to clamp down on their shooting and take smart shots rather than any shots available. We want to see movement. Glad this game is being broadcast out of MSUB -not sure if we’ll get commentary, but it should be noted that in terms of the GNAC the MSUB commentators are by far our favorites.

Concordia-Irvine vs. Concordia-Portland

Second match-up of these two teams. Would love it for CU-PDX to have a bounce back game and say “Hey, we only lost to these guys by 10 last time, we can do it this time,” but… Losing by 30 in the manner that they did is just a bit demoralizing, so… We doubt it. But we’ll see.

Holy Names vs. Western Oregon @ ND de Namur

Can’t spell slaughter without laughter and WOU should be laughing all the way home.

Cal State East Bay vs. Seattle Pacific @ Chico State

Beware of the let down game. We think SPU is going to get it done, they should get it done, but last night’s game was exhausting and so it wouldn’t surprise us if CSU-East Bay hangs around for a while. Ideally that doesn’t happen, but we shall see. Hopefully it doesn’t turn into a “youth moment” for the Falcons of losing yet another game that should have been won, but… We’re pretty wary.

Dixie State @ MSU-Billings

Could be interesting. Dixie didn’t shoot particularly well last night so they’re going to want to bounce back. It seems unlikely that MSUB would procure a win against Dixie after losing by a lot to Dominican, so… Not betting on that. Should be a good win for the Rebels, but as always we’ll be crossing our fingers for the GNAC upset.

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