Previewing Today’s Games

Alright… Gonna drag you guys away from your Civil War and Apple Cup shenanigans for a minute and talk about GNAC basketball because hooooly salmon, we’ve got a heck of a schedule on our hands today.

All times pacific. Projected wins in bold.

2pm: Alaska Fairbanks vs. Dixie State @ MSU-Billings

It’s hard to call this a “statement” game when Dixie State is 1-3 with the win coming against completely depleted Concordia-Portland. And yet, maybe it is a “statement” game because if the Nooks don’t win, it’s gonna be bad-ish. Instead of being a great chance to make a statement with a win, it’s gonna be a bigger statement if they lose, so… Get after it Nooks.

6:30pm: Dominican @ MSU-Billings

Dominican tends to sit upper mid-pack in the Pac-West, so if the Yellowjackets can win it would be huge, but if they don’t it’s not the end of the world. It’s definitely a potential win, so… Maybe? Probably no, but maybe.

7pm: Western Oregon @ Notre Dame de Namur

WOU should kill. Hopefully see Andy get some good minutes and Julian start his assisting attack. Devon Alexander had a great non-conference last year too before being simply okay in the regular season, so we’ll see about that. He should be good for these games at least.

7pm: CU-Portland @ Cal Baptist

They’re gonna die. All we request is that they don’t get injured while doing so. Simply accept your fate and you can be like Harry Potter and Voldemort -stay uninjured and improve and do good things in the regular season. Sounds like plan.

7:30pm: Seattle Pacific @ Chico State

Game of the night. The good news is that it’s gonna be an intense game. The bad news is we really don’t know much about either team because all of the wins out of both programs have come against teams with losing records. Kinda in wait and see mode. Obviously from a GNAC standpoint we really hope the Falcons can get it done, but we honestly don’t know. Chico is a very good team, they’re very well coached -just like the Falcons. The Falcons, though, are still so young and we’ll see.

Nightlights? Maybe. Good luck to the Cougs/Huskies/Beavers today in the Apple Cup and Civil War, respectively.


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