Yesterday’s Result + Today’s Preview

MSU-Billings 98 @ University of Mary 92 in OT

Who the heck is the University of Mary? Shockingly, a D2 school with a 3-1 record in the Northern Sun conference. Because it’s not west region and it’s only one game, we’re not sure how much it really matters from a conference standpoint, but from a Yellowjacket standpoint it’s big. It’s a big and much needed confidence booster going into a potentially brutal tournament this coming weekend.

Highlights: Marc Matthews had a full house with 24 points, five boards, three assists, one steal, one block and two fouls; Emmanuel Johnson had eight points, four boards, and four assists; Jace Anderson had 30 points and six assists; Christian Evans had 29 points and 10 boards; Cade Alcorn had seven boards and four blocks. The bench didn’t do much other than relieve the legs of the starters and almost blow the win. Yikes. Some very, very bad shooting and too many turnovers.

Still, very excited for this MSUB team. Last year was rough. Hopefully this breaks the wall from more or less losing to NAIA teams and they go and get a couple of Ws this weekend.

Saint Martin’s vs. Hawaii Hilo

The game is being played tonight. What are we thinking? That’s a good question. We’ve been contemplating it all weekend and still don’t really have an answer. Obviously Hawaii Hilo wants to break their streak of consecutive losses on the mainland (in regard to losing to SPU & CWU) but will it happen? From their standpoint, it seems really likely. But from our standpoint, we think it’s a great chance for the Saints to come in and put their collective foot down and send the Vulcans back out to sea with a record of 0-3. Hawaii Hilo tends to be a mid-pack team for the Pac-West, so steps up a little bit for the Saints, but it’s an improbable win -not impossible- all the reason for us to think that the Saints are capable of getting it done.

Other stuff… Concordia-Portland got killed by Boise State, Northwest Nazarene is going to be trying not to lose to NAIA College of Idaho -they nearly did a couple of weeks ago, so the Yotes are gonna be out for blood and well, we hope the Crusaders can handle it.

Discussions post’ll be up tomorrow.

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