BYU-H 93, WWU 80.

We’re really not sure what to say, but here are a few observations:

-WWU got mugged, straight up. BYU-H has apparently learned the ways of BYU; really dirty game.
-That being said: The refs really didn’t matter. It’s a part of every team’s MO that they need to be able to overcome poor reffing and calls not going their way. WWU had plenty of opportunities to win and they didn’t. They were playing at home. They should have won this game.
-The Vikings have to learn to rebound. Another positively atrocious game on that front. We have no idea what’s wrong with Mac Johnson but something’s gotta change because his play is not where it should be. We had really high hopes for him coming into this year and the Mac we saw at the end of last season is nowhere to be found.
-Kyle Impero had another really good game and was making some very smart plays. Aside from that… Meh. Not happy with the numbers at all.

Really not sure about the conference implications.

From BYU-H’s perspective, they got the win against the “A” team and so the “B” and “C” teams look that much more doable. From Seattle Pacific and Central Washington’s perspective this should be fuel for the fire. WWU tends to be the standard and so particularly for SPU the potential win is all the more important. We’re 50/50; part of us is like “SPU can do this!” and part of us is like “The falcons are screwed,” so going neutral; hoping for the best, and mentally preparing for the worst. From the CWU perspective, this seems like a recipe for a Wildcat win, and honestly: it very well might be.

Game previews for this weekend’ll be up tomorrow at 10am. Drink your water, get good sleep, and remember: The Committee is watching.

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