Previewing BYU-H Against the GNAC

BYU-Hawaii plays three games against three GNAC schools in four days. They face Western Washington on Wednesday, Seattle Pacific on Friday, and Central Washington on Saturday. We commend that schedule. It essentially is an “A-B-C” on the mainland so-to-speak. From their perspective a win at WWU would be huge, a win at SPU should be doable (and they’ll want blood because SPU bounced them out of the NCAA tournament), and a win against CWU should be probable provided they don’t collapse.

That’s us attempting to give you the Seasider perspective. From our GNAC perspective:

WWU: Must win game. Must rebound game. The win against NAIA Multnomah on Saturday has long since become irrelevant, now the Vikings are out for Seasider blood. Gotta have it, drink from it, bathe in it. The game is going to be intense and hard fought, but they played MN-Moorhead and almost got a win a few weeks ago -time to crest over the hill and get it against BYUH.

SPU: 50% must win, the other 50% is simply it would be nice to get this win. On the one hand, the Falcons beat them in the tournament by double-digits and so it doesn’t seem like a stretch to be able to do it in Seattle, even having lost just about everything. On the other hand -this is a really, really, really young team in terms of playing time. Yeah, they’re playing seniors, but only one of the seniors did anything in that win eight months ago. This win would be a huge confidence builder, but at the same time the loss wouldn’t be devastating.

CWU: The feel we get from CWU people is that they expect to win this game. From our blog perspective, we say our sincerest “good luck.” During our summer previews, we noted that these games are kind of irrelevant for the Wildcats. If they win, it’s only one game. If they lose, it’s also only one game -although the nice part of being Central is that no one will talk about it signifying anything.

What are we hoping? Obviously that the GNAC goes 3-0 and then BYUH wins out the rest of the year. Not likely. But we are hoping for close fought games with GNAC teams eventually pulling away.

Good luck to the Vikings, Falcons, and Wildcats.


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