Player-of-the-Week Noms!

First real POW noms of the year. Very exciting stuff.

UAF: Travante Williams. Highlights include a full house against Chaminade + 22 points and five assists against Hawaii Pacific.
UAA: Suki Wiggs. Highlights include being Suki and overcoming our formula which weights poor shooting heavily. This kid grates on our nerves because he misses so many shots but also picks up so many boards and assists that they counterbalance.
SPU: Bryce Leavitt. Highlights: Came off the bench both nights, and picked up a monstrous 15 assists against Dixie State.
SMU: No one —> Donated to UAF’s Bengaly Kaba. Highlights include shooting right around 70% and picking up some good boards.
MSUB: No one —> Donated to UAA’s Corey Hammell. Highlights include lights out free throw shooting and good rebounding.
CU-PDX: Tyler Gutierrez. ‘Cause CU-Portland is the GNAC baby brother this year, we’ll go easy on them.
WOU: Devon Alexander. Highlights include great defense and fair assisting prowess.

A reminder: There’s a mathematical formula, which is essentially the production stat (not PER, not sabermetrics), and we take the two numbers each player puts up for a given weekend, average them, and then the highest combined average wins. This means that sometimes wonky things happen -Anye Turner last year notably had a week with one insanely good game and one insanely bad game and either won or came ridiculously close to winning.

Nomination donations are only available for teams that played but didn’t have anyone play particularly well. We’re not going to reward/punish schools because they literally didn’t play at all.

Not sure how the 30 second shot clock is going to affect things, but we shall see. Last year we tried the formula on high school, D1, D2, NAIA D2, and NBA games and regardless it worked, so… theoretically it’ll be fine.

Winner’ll be up in an hour. Speculate amongst yourselves.


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