Player-of-the-Week is… Bryce Leavitt!!

Yes -Travante Williams played really, really well, that’s not being disputed, but as well as he played -Bryce mathematically played better, and thus this post is about Bryce, so regardless as to how you feel or what you think: NUMBERS. Numbers are fun.

And for the first time: We get to name a 6th man as the player-of-the-week.

In Seattle Pacific’s loss to Concordia-Irvine, Bryce played 27 minutes off the bench, grabbing 10 boards, five assists, picking up four fouls, and understanding that if you go 1-4: do everyone a favor and stop shooting and start distributing. During the Falcons’ game against Dixie State, Bryce once again came off the bench and, once again, was shooting terribly. So what did he do? He committed to rebounding (picking up five offensively and three defensively), got his assist on (H/T Brendan Carroll), and made his free throws, going 12-16 from the line. He ultimately finished with 14 points, 12 assists, and eight boards, coming dangerously close to a triple double, along with picking up a block and turning the ball over once.

Dixie State is a perennial tournament team and killed CU-PDX in exactly the way you’d expect, meanwhile Seattle Pacific lost to CU-Irvine in OT. This was no easy match-up in any sense. Bryce is coming off the bench after starting on a much more talented team last year, and so the mental battle he’ll deny that he was going through -we’re gonna give him props for winning it anyway.

Congrats Bryce!!


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