UAF vs. Hawaii Pacific

They’re getting their own post for yesterday partly because:

a. they got missed; blame their athletic department for not getting their boxscore to the GNAC office/the GNAC office had more to worry about at 11pm PST when the game ended.
b. There was no part of their performance that demanded a stomach soother, so… Nooks got skillz, at least against HPU.

This was the only genuinely good performance the GNAC put up yesterday. Good shooting, decent boarding, 80% on free throws, yes please. Highlights: Travante Williams went 4-5 from three and shot 90% from the free throw line, along with picking up FIVE assists and two steals, ultimately finishing with 22 points in just -23- minutes of play; Bengaly Kaba grabbed nine boards, three steals, and finished with 16 points; ALMIR had 13 points and 3 blocks in just 21 minutes; Joe Slocum had nine points and five assists; Neal Chavez had 15 points, and four fouls in just 17 minutes; Zach Pederson added 11 points; Isaac Ladines grabbed six boards.

Great minute distribution, good rebounding, great free throw shooting. HPU generally is right around 7th or 8th in the Pac-West so a good learning game and great camaraderie builder for the Nooks. They should be proud of themselves and we can’t wait to see what they do against Chaminade.

Congrats Nooks -win the day you did.


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