Break Out the Tums

To the Falcon Faithful: Step away from the ledge. We were expecting CU-Irvine to be much better than CU-Portland. If CU-Irvine gets beat handily by CU-Portland, then you can jump off. Until then: Keep calm and expect to get trounced by Dixie State.

UAA 92, Chaminade 90
WOU 82, Point Loma 76
CU-Irvine 68, SPU 60 in OT
Chico State 92, MSUB 66
Dixie State 91, CU-PDX 56
Fresno Pacific 82, SMU 75

Pretty much 100% what we expected, including the Falcons losing. We picked SPU fifth because realistically they just don’t return anything. Last year when we picked them to finish high, they may have not returned scoring but they returned rebounding, defense, and had experience at every position. This year not so much.

UAA 92, Chaminade 90

Lots of really terrible numbers, but one that triumphed above the nastiness: Free throws. The Seawolves shot 88% on their free throws and it did in fact win the game. Aside from the vomit inducing shooting numbers of Suki Wiggs and Spencer Svejcar (although both were still great on free throws) here’s some better news: Suki had eight boards; Diante Mitchell had five boards; Corey Hammell had 15 boards and 24 points. Off the bench Christian Leckband picked up five boards.

We may begrudge them how they did it, but the fact is: they won. And around here our motto may as well be MYDFTs -Make your darn free throws- so we can’t complain too much.

WOU 82, Point Loma 76

No Andy. Assuming injury because football doesn’t matter that much even when you’re injured. In other news of nausea inducing field shooting with great free throws: Julian Nichols, yikes. Better news: Alex Roth went 100% on free throws and finished with 14 points; Devon Alexander had 11 points. Off the bench Tanner Omlid had a whopping 28 points, eight boards, and SIX steals. Whoa.

Wolves got it done. Julian needs to get his shot(s) together. He’s definitely a favorite because kid is a distributor extraordinaire, so… We expect less “throw it up and hope” and more dimes.

CU-Irvine 68, SPU 60 in OT

The good: They rebounded If nothing else, they rebounded, winning that battle by 16. The bad: They have no idea what they’re doing and no identity aside from their coaching staff. Highlights: Gilles Dierickx had 10 boards and only picked up two fouls; Mitch Penner had 13 points and six boards. Off the bench Bryce Leavitt had 10 boards, five assists, and four fouls. That’s it. Those are their highlights. They had more turnovers than a bake sale at 25 with Gilles chipping in four, Gabe Colosimo adding six, Mitch Penner with four, and Will Parker adding four turnovers off the bench. Yeesh.

Chico State 92, MSUB 66

Typical. No surprises. Lots of atrocious shooting and tons of turnovers, but it’s Chico State. Chico State is a good team. We think MSUB scheduling them could be described as “cute” because they’re trying to schedule like SPU because admittedly they did have three good guys coming back, but… Billings. Convincing people to live in Billings. Rough sell. Highlights: Jordan Perry had 19 points and made 7-8 free throws along the way. Off the bench Marc Matthews had 16 points on 60%ish shooting.

Dixie State 91, CU-PDX 56

Typical. Although these schools playing each other is kind of hilarious because one uses the confederate flag as part of their identity and the other believes the earth is 6,000 years old. Reality. Get some. CU-PDX continued the trend of Pepto-Bismal requiring shooting and turnovers, but here are some highlights: Latrell Wilson had six boards and 16 points; Tyler Gutierrez had eight boards and four blocks. Overall not a terrible amount of rebounds, but they still lost the war and the battle.

Fresno Pacific 82, SMU 75

TERRIBLE SHOOTING but GREAT FREE THROW SHOOTING. Fewer turnovers for the most part -Cole Preston, looking at you Mr. 5 turnovers. Honestly we’re super proud of this team, this is a pretty decent result considering the two teams match-up well in their respective conferences, so good learning experience. 85% on free throws, gagalicious from the field. Jordan Kitchen had eight boards and four fouls; Fred Jorg had 11 boards but basically pulled a Cory Hutsen in terms of his shooting: how do you miss so many shots when your whole life’s MO is to stand in the paint? Off the bench Brandon Kenilvort had nine boards.

As you can tell… We feel feisty this morning. UAF’s results will be posted later because no antiemetics were required for reviewing their game. And this year we’re doing a thing where if your shooting is atrocious but you still score tons of points, they don’t matter, because you should have been shooting more wisely. There’s no reason to shoot 20% and still end up with 20 points. DISTRIBUTE. For the love of James A. Naismith, DISTRIBUTE.

Excited to see what’s on the horizon today. Post’ll go up around noon tomorrow.



  1. LG

    Okay, we know you don’t love the cold and darkish North, but there were 7 games yesterday… And the game you missed can add some turnovers to the bakesale, which happened too often in the last 10 minutes, but other than that, the fans at the Patty Center went home pretty happy.


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