GNAC Game Times

The collective schedule is confusing because it’s listed as ‘all times local’ and between three time zones it gets a little wonky, so here’s a list of the GNAC D2 games being played this weekend ALL listed in Pacific Standard Time.

Today (Friday):

4pm = Chaminade vs. UAA @ UAF
4:30 = CU-Irvine vs. SPU @ Dixie State
5pm = Point Loma vs. WOU @ SMU
6pm = Chico State vs. MSUB @ Cal State East Bay
6:30 = CU-PDX @ Dixie State
7pm = Fresno Pacific @ SMU
8:30 = Hawaii Pacific @ UAF

Tomorrow (Saturday):

1pm = CWU @ SFU
4:30 = CU-Irvine vs. CU-PDX @ Dixie State
5pm = Fresno Pacific vs. WOU @ SMU
6pm = MSUB @ Cal State East Bay
6:15 = Hawaii Pacific vs. UAA @ UAF
6:30 = SPU @ Dixie State
7pm = Point Loma @ SMU
8:30 = Chaminade @ UAF

Note that there IS a conference/non-conference game being played with the Wildcats taking on the Clan. Basically the Clan is paying the Wildcats to come up to Canada for a second time. The Alaska schools notoriously do that too, but they at least pay teams they’ll actually beat. Our projection is that the Wildcats will kill the Clan, but… Anything is possible. CWU had a rough go against D3 Whitman, but overall the numbers weren’t awful, then again… it was D3. SFU has only played UBC and Thompson Rivers, so essentially we know nothing about either team.

Good luck to all the GNAC teams, and… Welcome to the chaos.



  1. LG

    Bravo UAA, UAF, and WOU. That’s only 3/7 for the GNAC though. Anxious to hear about the non-Alaska games, what looks good, promising or bad. Camped out at the Patty yesterday and it was fun. Today doesn’t look like it gets any easier for the GNAC though…


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