Discussions: Transfers, Body Mass, Allegiances, + More!

On the agenda for today: Alex and Kalidou are both playing for CBU, Kyle Impero’s weight, why you should be rooting for all eleven GNAC teams right now, and briefly touching the D1 games being played.

Alex and Kalidou both are actively playing for Cal Baptist this year, and this is how they’re eligible:

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 1.33.30 AM

Maybe the most interesting thing about it is that Riley Carel was still forced to redshirt at SMU, meaning that his exit from SPU wasn’t entirely agreed upon, likely in part because it was an in-conference transfer. We support the SPU coaching staff entirely in their decision to force the RS, considering SPU’s best chance in ages to win the regional would have been last year with Riley Carel at shooting guard. Yeah, there was the difference of being in conference, but if anything we see in-region as worse than in-conference transfers.

Kyle Impero is sitting at 6’4/165 and it is concerning us heavily. He’s a very lithe guy, so it’s not as bad as it could be, but… Our concern comes from watching Spencer Hawes get the flu in his one and only year at Washington. He was sitting at 220, which is already on the low side for a guy that’s 6’11, he got the flu, dropped out to 210, and then never recovered. It was unpleasant.

For men’s basketball, even D2 we’d like to see a low base of roughly 6’2/170, 6’3/180, 6’4/190, etc. The season is grueling, like Kilimanjaro grueling. Looks totally doable, sounds totally doable, but the next thing you know you’re doubled over exhausted. Kyle sitting at 165 means that if he gets even a mild case of the flu, his body has nothing and the odds of his lack of appetite spiraling him into sitting sub 155 are high, which would be bad news all around.

Our annual reminder: The GNAC plague is coming just like every year and the best way to combat it is to get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water. You should be drinking half as many ounces of water as you weigh e.g. if you weigh 200lbs you should be drinking 100oz of WATER, not tea, not coffee, not beer, WATER every single day.

Stay healthy, my friends.

Why you should be rooting for every GNAC team now:

Because we need strength of conference. If we want more than one or two teams in the West Region tourney and to otherwise not be relying on the auto-bid, we need GNAC teams to win and win big in non-conference. Doesn’t matter who you are -if you want your team to do well, you need to root for the so-called “Goliaths” like there’s no tomorrow because what they do in non-conference will have a major impact on what the match-ups with your team implicates during conference play.

There’s definitely an undercurrent of dislike around here for WWU/SPU and that’s totally fine: very understandable. They are monstrous because both programs do well in men’s basketball, they’re close together, good to great locations, moderate to great academics, and SPU definitely has the rep for being irritatingly holier-than-thou and uptight regardless of men’s basketball.

Still: the Falcons have far and away the best non-conference schedule of any team and so regardless of how you feel about SPU, for your team’s peace of mind, you need to be hoping like heck that they win. If the Falcons (and every other GNAC team) can play well in non-conference, it’ll pay huge dividends down the line for all eleven teams later.

Touching the D1 games briefly:

  • SPU kept it super close against UW for a very long time before ultimately getting blown out.
  • WOU also kept it super close against Oregon State -they were leading numerous times as we saw, but didn’t pull off the upset this year.
  • UAF got blown out by Nevada, but kept it relatively close against BYU. We don’t trust BYU in the slightest, so no judgment.

Overall not a bad stretch. It means jack all, but hopefully these teams got to know themselves a good bit better without exposing ways of exploitation that’ll be possible to emulate on a D2 level, but we’ll see.

On the horizon: The “official” ‘Welcome’ post’ll go up tomorrow, probably no game previews on Friday, we’re going to be watching/following games all afternoon starting at 4pm pacific, so check our twitter feed and interact with us if you want. The first conference game takes place on Saturday (CWU @ SFU) so Saturday morning’ll be a little chaotic, but:

Nutso November, here we go!

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