Our Poll(s) vs. The Coaches Poll

Finally caught that the Coaches’ Poll went up, so thought we’d go through and compare. Here is an excel chart of the prognostications all in one place:

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 9.05.49 PM

Overall we’re super pleased with the decisions of the chart above because it’s a really good mix. Four spots in the conference tournament seem to be consensus: WWU, WOU, SPU, and UAF -everyone is thinking Joe Slocum is going to do amazing things, although we think you can’t overlook Almir either. CWU and UAA appear in the top six in three of the four polls, which is interesting in part because it means that there’s another consensus gleaned too: SMU, NNU, SFU, and CU-PDX are being entirely overlooked, perhaps correctly and perhaps not. MSUB is gray area, which makes perfect sense. They’ve got good returners, but you can’t get it done with only a few returners on a team that didn’t do particularly fantastically the year before.

We’d love to see the individual polls submitted by the coaches. Our guesses for who (else) picked SPU first: Two out of Tony Dominguez (WWU), Alex Pribble (SMU), and Jamie Stevens (MSUB). Dominguez needs SPU to be good because the Falcons have the best SOS in regard to the GNAC vs. the West Region. Alex Pribble would love to have SPU be great because it means half the teams come to his guys exhausted. Jamie Stevens? Bald coaching staffs unite and/or leftover travel partner love.

The explanation for how our conference poll and personal poll could be so different: As a conference blog, we don’t count transfers before we see them play in the GNAC because that’s not pragmatic. In real life, we mix our hope with our pragmatism and try to find a happy middle. SPU ended up at 5th because realistically the potential still looms that if Gilles, Garrett, Gabe, and/or Oliver-Paul doesn’t pan out, you’re gonna get stuck with Mitch Penner (or god forbid Brendan Carroll) running the point, with Will Parker at shooting guard (disastrous mismatches), and Mitch trying to do everything. That being said: SPU vs. UAA: Mitch can play 1-4, Brian McGill thus far has only been shown to play 1-2 and they’re bringing in a very heralded 2 guard whereas SPU’s bringing in what is theoretically a complete set of guys to compliment what Mitch/they’re going to need.

Finally: To the commenters that gave us crap for picking SFU at 10th and CWU at 3rd: Delusional people make working on this blog way less fun; the coaches had you guys pegged lower than we did, so… how you like them apples?

We know there have been some games played, but D2 games still don’t start until Friday, and thus… we’ll catch y’all on Saturday morning! Good luck to WWU & UAA, respectively.


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