Pre-Season All-Conference Teams

On the list of things we hate, which includes the Oregon Ducks, slow drivers, and peas -there’s a special spot of loathing for writing out pre-season lists. It sucks. Or, at least it sucks this year. It wouldn’t suck nearly as much if we hadn’t lost half the guys we intended to put on this list in the first place, but oh well. Here we go.

1st Team

G Julian Nichols -Western Oregon, Sr.
F Joe Stroud -Central Washington, Sr.
F Andy Avgi -Western Oregon, Sr.
W Mitch Penner -Seattle Pacific, Sr.
?? Transfer -Your favorite GNAC School

2nd Team

G Joe Slocum, Alaska Fairbanks, Sr.
G Brian McGill, Alaska Anchorage, Sr.
F Momir Gataric -MSU-Billings, Sr.
C Mac Johnson -Western Washington, Sr.
?? Transfer -Your favorite GNAC School

Again: We’re not going to touch transfers because of what is now dubbed the “Jake Ehlers Rule.” For those not familiar with Jake: He was the Oregon 5a Player of the Year two years in a row before going to Portland State and playing terribly then transferring to Seattle Pacific, playing terribly, and endangering the career of one of his teammates.

Here’s the list of other returning guys that we’re also very intrigued by:

UAF: Almir Hadzisehovic
UAA: Sjur Berg
SFU: Michael Harper
WWU: Ricardo Maxwell
SPU: Garrett Swanson
SMU: Tyler Copp, Trey Ingram
MSUB: Kendall Denham
CWU: Terry Dawn, Joey Roppo
NNU: Mike Wright,
CU-PDX: Tyler Gutierrez?
WOU: Devon Alexander, Jordan Wiley, Buster Souza (yes, it’s because of his name; so what?)

Plus all of the incoming transfers that could knock our socks off. The league is something of 65%+ new this year so we really don’t know what we’re dealing with but we can’t wait to find out!



  1. Anonymous

    Boomer Blossom played and graduated (I think) from UAA last year. Not sure if there is another Boomer Blossom in the GNAC so soon…


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