Discussions: 11 Exciting Transfers.

Ahem, Thursday. Sorry guys.

You asked for it, so… here we go. 11 intriguing GNAC transfers:

UAF: Ruben Silvas.
UAA: Kalidou Diouf.
SFU: Patrick Simon II.
WWU: Joey Schreiber.
SPU: … Graduation, not attrition.
SMU: Brent Counts.
MSUB: Luke Adams
CWU: Jordan Russell
NNU: Alex Birketoft/Erik Kinney
CU-PDX: Again, graduation -not attrition.
WOU: Another team where it was graduation, not transfer attrition.

Oh. You meant people that are transferring IN to the GNAC. Our bad.

UAF: John Renfro -the Nooks need a forward, he’s from Fairbanks, 5th year senior, let’s see it.
UAA: Suki Wiggs. He’s from Seattle so we watched him play in high school; there’s always intrigue with the local guys.
SFU: Max Barkeley -he follows us on Twitter, so… Go Max!
WWU: Brett Kingma -yeesh. Theoretically he’s a good basketball player. Seems like we’ve been following his career forever; reality says it’s been since roughly the Fall of 2006.
SPU: Gilles Dierickx -a desperately needed center coming via UW. If he plays well, the Falcons should do really well; if he doesn’t, they’re gonna be middle-of-the-pack and their streak of making the tourney is likely over.
SMU: Frederik Jörg; he’s 7’1/295lbs and the Saints are in desperate need of a center/force in the middle.
MSUB: Emmanuel Olufemi -always good to have a presence in the post. Honestly the Jackets are pretty well stocked in terms of bringing in freshmen, so not a ton of transfers. If Emmanuel plays well they’ll have for sure a good point guard, small forward, and center, along with SG Marc Matthews who had some good moments.
CWU: Not really bringing in a ton of transfers, so we’re more looking forward to watching the chemistry of this team without the cancer that was Dom Williams.
NNU: Detwon Rogers -he’s a small forward (a position of now desperate need for the Crusaders) and at 6’6/220 is well built.
CUPDX: John Erickson -transferred from UAA, so the only guy on that team with GNAC experience. Exciting stuff.
WOU: ?? They’ve got mostly incoming freshmen and their transfers aren’t coming in at positions of desperate need, so we’ll look forward to wolf transfers surprising us.

Pretty much what we’re looking at. Obviously there are going to be happy surprises, but hopefully not too many disappointments. UAF, WWU, CWU, WOU, and MSUB all should be pretty good regardless as to whether or not their transfers function well. UAA and SPU are the two teams truly dependent on transfers in a “make it or break it” way. Central is an interesting conversation…

This Central team… Last year, we would have been completely in love with it if Dom Williams had fallen down a hole. We weren’t asking him to tear his ACL or dislocate his shoulder or anything, just… go out for a pack of cigarettes, so-to-speak. Jaamon Echols did exactly that with WWU and we were then free to be the Viking homers that we are. To say that we’re excited about this Central team would be accurate, because as much as they need a scorer -it’s much easier to find a scorer than it is to cultivate chemistry. Last year their chemistry was so on, and this year with the ability to give the ball to the hot hand on any given night (much like what Seattle Pacific did last year) the Wildcats could be positively fantastic and that will be great.

On Monday our pre-season all conference teams are going up, so… Be excited.


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