Overseas Signings!

These are just the most recent crop from this past year – in our usual order, just to keep things fair:

UAF: No one. Checked on Ruben, but sadly no.
UAA: Travis Thompson has an agent, but hasn’t signed anything yet.
SFU: Sango is playing for Estudiantes C in Argentina!
WWU: Anye Turner hasn’t signed with an agent nor team.
SPU: Riley Stockton is playing for Estela (A-A) in the Spanish EBA league.
SMU: No one. Checked on Riley Carel just for sillies.
MSUB: No one. Checked on Austin Hudson though.
CWU: Dom is a no-go.
NNU: Kevin Rima signed with Augustinos Eras (A-B) also in the Spanish EBA league!
WOU: Lew Thomas hasn’t signed with an agent nor team (lol).

Yes: Riley and Kevin are in the same league but not the same group, so they could end up facing each other in the play-offs. Super cool. Congrats guys!! And to Sango, congrats to Sango and good luck to Travis on signing a contract.

Ultimately very few guys from this past GNAC class. But…. the good news is we have high hopes for this year! Our tentative list of guys that should have a pretty good shot at being signed overseas at the end of this coming year includes:

Almir Hadzisehovic (UAF); Mac Johnson (WWU); Mitch Penner (SPU); Momir Gataric (MSUB); Joe Stroud (CWU) potentially -he needs to put on weight; Julian Nichols (WOU); Andy Avgi (WOU). The FYR guys definitely do have an advantage in terms of opportunities to play in Slavic countries, but it’s always their decision. It needs to be the right contract, not just the right geography, and that goes for everybody.

Aside from all of that -official intersquad scrimmages are starting to happen, every thing is getting set to go, the season is almost here! We do have the requested post of transfers we’re intrigued about, so… Wednesday? Yeah. It’ll go up on Wednesday at 10am.

Have a great Monday!


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