Andy’s September Football Stats!!!!!!!!!

We take our commitment to GNAC Men’s Basketball very seriously, and as such you can consider us Andy’s biggest football fans. During basketball season we have to remain kind of objective about everybody, but during football season? Um. No. Any GNAC men’s basketball player that plays football too we’re gonna root like crazy for and we don’t care what you say: THEY ARE THE BEST AND YOU CAN SAY NOTHING TO CONVINCE US OTHERWISE.

Game #1 vs. Humboldt State: 61 yards receiving. 3rd highest on the team. Long reception of 25. The Wolves lost 20-29, and thus: Andy almost led them to victory. It was his first game. He’s gonna be even better this coming week against SFU, we’re 117% positive (17 is his football number).

Game #2 vs. Simon Fraser: DNP.

Game #3 vs. Central Washington: DNP.

Game #4 vs. Portland State: DNP.

We’re not sure if Andy is injured or they’re just trying to prevent him from getting injured, but… ANDY SHOULD PLAY MORE. ANDY IS THE BEST RECEIVER YOU PEOPLE HAVE. Although we actually would like to see him tried at DE as well. Andy has great hands so why you’d waste him at DE, no idea, but blocking is the BEST. Which, as a TE Andy is more than capable of doing, catching AND blocking, but seriously: You guys lost 0-31 on Saturday; Andy would have at least gotten you guys ONE touch down if not won the game because he is Super Wolf and can do ANYTHING. <—- Shockingly not sarcastic.

And no: This isn’t us conspiring so he’s out for basketball season; we have complete faith in Garrett Swanson, thank-you very much. Although those battles are gonna be helllla fun to watch if Garrett steps up the way we think he can.

Go Andy!!


  1. LG

    Hey SPU-homer (that’s what you’re sounding like in that last paragraph), what do Matt, Mitch, Cory, Riley and Garrett have to do with Andy playing football or not? Oh wait… they’re your SPUers, that’s right. There are probably at least 6-7 Garrett Swanson types in the GNAC right now that “might” match up well against Andy and until proven otherwise, I’ll put my money on Andy, even if he’s not built in the most typical basketball sense. He’s proven for the last 3 years that he can play and play well with the more typically built basketballers of the GNAC.
    Personally, I wish Andy would drop the football thing. I’m not a football fan and I’d like to see all these guys hang on to their braincells and brain function because there are important things ahead of them. And I’d like for Andy not to be injured so he can school all the budding Garrett Swansons of the GNAC.
    Just sayin…


    • GNAC Men's BasketBlog

      Eh. SPU did win the conference tournament and they have made NCAAs consistently, so regardless as to my collegiate alma mater -it’s a good school to focus on and talk about along with WOU. If WWU had a weighty power forward coming back, they’d definitely have been mentioned too. Garrett and Andy match-up well and because Garrett did start a few games last year, he’s not the unknown that a huge chunk of the GNAC is right now.

      With football -love it. Adore it. Worship at the church of the Friday night lights. Have been involved with both high school and college football for more than a decade. Tend to veer somewhere between O-Line & TE/DE. Love that Andy’s playing. There was a kid from my alma mater a few years ago that all of us regularly hounded about playing football (in addition to basketball -dude was 6’4/215lbs of solid muscle as a 16-year-old) but never got him to do it.

      We’ll address the power forward comment on Tuesday as part of a Discussions post, so if you’ve got other questions -preach.


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