Pre-Season Superlatives

Surprise! Wacky Wednesday because the ‘Seawolf Shake It Off’ post was seriously written on Sunday night, but too fun not to post immediately.

While this list got used last year… New year, a new school is involved, so let’s do it again!

Most Likely to Succeed: WWU/WOU
Biggest Drama King: UAA. They’re gonna be “WE’RE GOOD. WE HAVE A NICE ARENA.” And everyone else is gonna go “YOU LOST EVERYONE BUT BRIAN MCGILL.” Oh Seawolves.
Life of the Party: MSUB, for their special place with the new travel pairings.
Overachiever: SPU -if they can get their spit together, they could actually do pretty well.
Teacher’s Pet: WWU -everyone’s going WOU HAS ANDY, and we’re going ‘Andy is great, Julian is amazing, but WWU has a full, proven starting five! Heyooo.’
Best Dressed: SPU. Somehow this is the one school that Adidas didn’t screw up.
Biggest Gossip: CU-P. Because they didn’t manage to recruit as a D2 school and are basically having to start over this year. Very odd after watching CBU & APU come in and immediately kick booty.
Best Smile: CU-P. They warmed my cold Falcon heart.
Best Nickname: NNU. Because unfortunately ISIS is still relevant, it’s going once again to the the Jihadists of yesteryear. Terrifying.
Biggest Prankster: CWU. Because people are gonna sleep on them, but they have a lot coming back, last year had elite level teamwork, and teamwork makes the dream work.

Best Couple: Let’s talk about that.

Bankorage: Usually they’re an easy nod because it sucks having to travel to Alaska, but… this year they both had so many okay guys transfer while good guys graduated, that we’re not sure.
Burningham: Should be fine. WWU’ll be interesting, but SFU should be back to the norm of fighting for the overlook & exhaustion factors, respectively.
Spartin: No clue. SPU is usually a game that EVERYBODY gets up for, and then SMU is typically a team that everybody matches up with really well -they tend to play a lot of super competitive games. Having both of those could be rough.
Cenazar: Back to being fine. CWU’ll be interesting and NNU won’t be. NNU just doesn’t have the history of regeneration that tends to freak us out the way SPU/WWU does even with personnel losses.
Wolvaliers: Concordia doesn’t return anybody, so while WOU’ll be rough, the weekend shouldn’t be horrible.

Gonna tentatively give Best Couple to Spartin:

SMU is going to be a bigger question mark than we originally anticipated because losing Brent Counts is brutal. Still, to their coaching staff: We believe in this team, these guys are talented. They need leaders and they need strategy, but their core is absolutely there. Guys: we believe in this coaching staff. Your athletic director is a quality dude and has to get sick of hosting the conference tourney and never being a part of it, so trust and work hard for your coaches.

SPU has a ton of guys that have been in the program for years but have never played substantial minutes, and no one owned the spot as the 5th starter last year. However, it could just be that they feared for their lives: SPU graduated rebounding psychopath Matt Borton, Mr. Scowl -Riley Stockton, and then Cory Hutsen rarely knew what he was doing with his limbs, so… Maybe it was self preservation, and the rest of the Falcons will play well now that they no longer have to worry about accidentally being killed by one of their teammates. Hmmm. Matt’s sitting here going “What are you talking about, accidentally? It would never be accidental.”

Spartin wins best couple, pre-season. We’ll see if they hold onto it; Bankorage is probably jumping at the bit to get back into the spot, after getting upstaged by Cenazar last year.

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