Welcome Back + Hi Concordia!!

There’ll be a more official “welcome” post that goes up on November 2nd 13th, when things really kick off, but for the junkies that are here now: HIIII!!!!!!!!!!! *waves* Fall is here. Football is here. 9/11 teams are in official Seahawk territory, the other two are split between us and Denver (shut-up Broncos, it was a pre-season game), and so we take no qualms with saying a big “GO HAWKS!!” to all of you guys.

Now, let’s talk about Concordia-Portland. Hi Cavaliers!! If any of you are here at this point, we’ll be really, really impressed. Last year CU-Portland had a record of 25-7 playing in the very challenging Cascade Collegiate Conference, which saw four teams go to a 32 team, 16 at-large bid tournament. They had a few really interesting early season games, which included beating: our own Seawolves twice on THEIR turf in Alaska; a big win against Saint Martin’s, and then a really close loss to the Saints.

They ultimately ended their season losing by 2o in the second round of the NAIA D2 tournament and then graduated pretty much everybody.

Admittedly: their lack of recruiting prep/redshirting to transition to D2 is concerning. We watched Cal Baptist and more specifically Azusa Pacific come into D2 and immediately make the tournament and be amazing and we were kind of thinking CU-Portland would do the same thing. SPU beat the pants off of APU three years ago, and then last year APU made the elite eight. SPU beat the pants off of Concordia-Portland two years ago, and so it seems like the Cavs should be stepping on the gas this year, except judging by their roster: it’s not gonna happen. We’d love to be wrong, but they seriously don’t return anyone. To the point that doing the player efficiency math against GNAC teams was pointless because no one that beat/almost beat those teams is coming back due to graduation.

The good news is:

  • Concordia did in fact lose guys to graduation, rather than transferring and otherwise leaving the team.
  • We honestly have no idea about their transfers and incoming frosh.
  • CU-Portland is an appealing school, their incoming guys could be dynamite, and they could do really well this year.
  • They’re gonna get to keep this team together for two full years minimum, which will help.
  • They have what should be a challenging WOU team on their side to help get the overlook & exhaustion factors; that could be be huge.

The bad news is:

  • There’s just no proven track record in D2, particularly with Oregon grown players.
  • They have no seniors.
  • They have very little GNAC experience collectively.

Also, a minor rant: Their hashtag changed in the two days it took us to write & edit this post. We knew your social media management was bad, but… c’mon. BTW: #CUPDXMBB was better. We prefer #CUPDX; just rolls off the tongue. Plus: Who’s CU? Chapman University? Chaminade University? Concordia in Irvine? Concordia in Minnesota? Colorado University Boulder? If you google “CU athletics” it’s all stuff about the Colorado Buffs.

Edit: The hashtag changed again way before the post even went up. CU-Portland, do you need a social media person? Because that could be arranged. DM us on twitter.

Good luck Cavaliers, we’re rooting for you.


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