Monday Madness is Coming!

Who’s ready for basketball season? THIS BLOG IS. But year two is gonna be a little different. Last year we put something like 20 posts up in October and this year it just doesn’t make sense to do that.

Tentatively: Monday Madness through the eight Mondays in September & October. Halloween we’ll see Alaska Anchorage take on Cal Baptist as the first “real” game of the year and have a somewhat real post on November 1st, and then tentatively a “Decathalon of Discussion” with posts going up Nov. 2-12th, before the first real day of D2 play hits on the 13th.

The non-conference schedule is really strange. The teams are really unknown.

Tons of projected impact guys that transferred out, tons of new guys that transferred in. We lost a ton of core players and we’re looking at unknowns from: UAA, UAF-ish, WWUish, SPU, MSUB, CWUish, CU-P, and WOU-ish, The ishes are where they have a core that returns but it’s hard to anticipate what they’ll do with it.

The “Madness” posts’ll mostly consist of discussing the schedule, non-conference, players, polls, what is Andy doing, that sort of thing. There’ll also be some of our usual shenanigans and definitely a discussions post or two if you guys hop in the comments (no name or email required) and/or ask us stuff on twitter.

Speaking of which, blog MVPs of the off-season go to LG & CA_Ball13. You two were awesome about getting in touch and saying “Hey! I’m still thinking about D2 basketball too, what do you think about this? You should write about it.” Very appreciated.

Hoops are good, talking them is great, and we look forward to doing more of it with ALL of you guys (yes, even you) in the coming weeks and months. Have a safe rest of the Summer and we’ll see you at 10am on September 7th.


  1. Anonymous

    Yes, shenanigans, yes! Yes. Wouldn’t SFU and SMU be on that list of unknowns too, maybe SMU”ish”, but SFU without the ish-core… That would make a league of 11 teams, all relatively unknowns to the junkies of GNAC basketball. Gonna be exciting to get things rolling this fall! Totally looking forward to what you think the recruiting class and in many cases new coach on each team says about what they’re trying to do.


    • GNAC Men's BasketBlog

      SFU we can surmise is gonna be bad. NNU is projected to be pretty bad because they only have Alex coming back out of the big three due to Kevin graduating and Erik not returning; the other guys that saw minutes have turnover issues, and Bouna was really hot and cold. It’s why SPU isn’t an ish; Brendan Carroll and Bryce Leavitt each started half the season, but Brendan has chronic turnover issues and Bryce just never really did much.


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