The Way Too Early GNAC Prognostication

We said we’d do this and sitting down now we hate it because we have no idea about incoming transfers (you might know who they are, you don’t know what they’ll do and how they’ll mesh). So… included is a list of our justifications too.

1. Western Washington, by a nose. Joey Schreiber, Mac Johnson, Harris Javier, Kyle Impero, and Jeff Parker all have really good skills, plus they’re getting some interesting guys off of redshirts.
2. Western Oregon -just got edged out. Andy, Julian, and Jordan Wiley are great, think the coaching hire was good, they don’t really lose much but at the same time they haven’t proven to have much outside those three.
3. Northwest Nazarene -bring back Erik, Alex, Bouna, but the league is going to be stronger -which very well could shatter their dreams.
4. Concordia -got blown out in the second round of the NAIA tournament, but that game could be termed a waking nightmare due to the fact that no one got any sleep the night beforeThe Cavs played in a really difficult league (four bids to a 32 team, half auto bid tournament) and did well. Expect them to come in and make a splash.
5. Seattle Pacific -last year they returned little scoring but three starters and most of their rebounding; this year they return Mitch Penner and only Mitch Penner. Their tourney streak is as precarious as we’ve ever seen it.
6. Alaska-Anchorage -bring back Brian McGill and Kalidou, which is solid to build a team around. Could be higher, but shouldn’t be too much lower.
7. Central Washington -they lose only Dom Williams on what wasn’t a particularly talented team, but they have Joe Stroud and Joe is awesome, so they shouldn’t be horrible.
8. Alaska-FairbanksRuben is really good, Joe Slocum (redshirted) and is pretty good, they had other assorted decent underclassmen (Ashton, Almir, Alex, Adam), their gym is hard to play in, like their odds.
9. Saint Martin’s -it bites to have to put them so low, they have good decent young guys but think they need a year in their new coach’s system to really make a splash.
10. MSU-Billings -regularly suffers from massive amounts of attrition that they basically have Kendall as the guarantee (Montana kids don’t tend to leave) and we’ll see who else.
11. Simon Fraser -they theoretically designed their entire offense around Sango and still came in last this past year. Patrick Simon and Michael Harper are good, but trusting a sophomore to carry the load is always dicey.

Subject to change in October.


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