Underclassmen STEP UP.

These guys are rising seniors and true underclassmen and we’ll go into detail more in October, but if you’re wondering in particular the likely candidates for “biggest gym rat” this Summer, these’ll probably be a good place to start.

UAF: Ruben Silvas, Joe Slocum, Almir Hadzisehovic. The Nooks have other guys that could be on this list, but we’ll stick with those two and challenge the unmentioned to outwork them.
UAA: Brian McGill, Kalidou, Sjur Berg -those two need to have monster seasons and UAA needs to bring in good transfers for them to have much hope.
SFU: Michael Harper & Patrick Simon.
WWU: Everybody. It would be impossible to pick because so many guys had great games late in the year. It’s easiest to say that we don’t anticipate Blake Bowen doing much.
SPU: Mitch Penner. Transfers. No one else has shown anything. That fifth starter they had -we did the math, they would have had the same number of wins and losses had the 5th starter truly registered a trillion each game.
MSUB: Kendall Denham and Momir Gataric, Momir only if he doesn’t leave. MSUB has a HUGE attrition rate every year, so… who knows who’s truly coming back?
CWU: JOE STROUD!! And hopefully Caleb Dressler has figured out his over consumption issues. Rooting for Jalen Peake because he’s a local kid.
NNU: Alex Birketoft, Erik Kinney, Bouna, really curious about this team.
SMU: Everybody. They had so many good underclassmen and now hopefully have a coach that will do more with more.
WOU: Andy, Julian, Jordan Wiley; they return everyone they need, but can they find two other guys to be productive?

That’s the brief list. Obviously there will be guys that come out of nowhere. This last year was so weak for the GNAC that… this year is going to be interesting. Really interesting. The only team that seems in true danger to topple is SPU, but… their most important gym rats could very well be their coaching staff.

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