All-Conference Teams

Is it two whole months late? Yes, yes it is, but… It was always intended to go up; it’s just burnout. We all get burnt out and there’s no real way to do it until the season is over, and then by that point you’re battling both an extreme sense of relief and depression and so nothing really matters. At least that was this year, because the mistake was made of going to a third world country (ahem, the Bible Belt) to end the season and it ended with contracting an illness not typically found in the first world. Good times. Eight weeks of no productivity later…

We have the All-Conference 1st & 2nd teams:

1st Team All Conference:

F Anye Turner -Western Washington, senior
G Riley Stockton -Seattle Pacific, senior
W Alex Birketoft -Northwest Nazarene, freshman
P Kevin Rima -Northwest Nazarene, senior
G Julian Nichols -Western Oregon, junior

2nd Team All Conference

G Sango Niang -Simon Fraser, senior
F Matt Borton -Seattle Pacific, senior
F Mitch Penner -Seattle Pacific, junior
G Erik Kinney -Northwest Nazarene, junior
F Andy Avgi -Western Oregon, junior

Whatever arguments you’re about to make: Yes, the answers are different than what the conference hierarchy thinks, but the same formula that’s been used all season for player-of-the-week was used to get these numbers.

Still: Because you’re thinking it, here are some answers:

UAF: Ruben Silvas didn’t play enough games, excited to get him back next year.
UAA: Travis Thompson was close. He was the one off. But his play really went on the decline this year and it didn’t help that he’d been hyped so much. Toward the end, his shooting percentages were horrifying and he wasn’t helping his team win. Same with Brian McGill -he’s another guy that is really good but these teams are about great. Look for him next year.
SPU: Cory Hutsen was a 5th year senior, taller and bigger than 95% of the competition he faced, his coaches really only gave him one job: be in the paint, score baskets from two feet away, and he only shot 58%. Let’s not talk about free throws.
CWU: Dom Williams is the equivalent to a fever when you have ebola; helpful at times, but for the most part simply killed the Wildcats.
WOU: Jordan Wiley -just didn’t do enough in enough games; he’s fantastic and only a junior, so definitely on our pre-season list of guys to watch.

Edit: Andy Avgi likely didn’t play enough minutes to make first team; had he averaged 28 minutes rather than 25 he probably would have been on the first team. Erik Kinney was on the second team likely due to turnovers.

Conference player-of-the-year’ll go up in an hour.


  1. Anonymous

    Only one comment on these teams… I would not have put Rima on the first team and Andy on the second team. That would have been switched in my book. Why? I’m not bothering to go back and review their stats, so I could be wrong in my memories of their play, but Kevin had some incredible nights and some incredibly silent nights. It was easier for other teams to shut him down. Andy had few quiet nights and he was much harder to silence; plus I want to remember his defense as better too…
    So, now 4 out of 10 teams have new coaches… I wonder if the Canadians are going to mellow out on the 130 pts per game thing? Joey Schrieber left WWU for Azusa. Still wanna hear thoughts on Bergeson leaving and Shaw coming in…. It would be like the GNAC gossip column.


  2. Anonymous

    Couldn’t resist…
    Avgi: 20.4 ppg, 5.8 rbs pg
    Rima: 13.7 ppg, 7.6 rbs pg

    The rest of their stats are almost dead even, with Avgi leading in field goal percentage and free throw percentage by a little. They both get offensive rebounds dead even, and Rima wins out on defensive rebounds (5.1 – 3.3). I never closely looked at the formula you use to calculate player efficiency, but it seems that the 7 points that separate them might be more valuable than the two rebounds/possessions that Rima gave NNU in a game… Since ultimately the points determine the winner, not the rebounds.
    And more importantly, your post says Avgi was a senior last year, but he was just a junior, so he’s got another season to up his rebound numbers…


  3. GNAC Men's BasketBlog

    Re: Andy vs. Kevin; I agree. Remember, this is done by an algorithm, not reality. It’s not always going to be right. Andy was edged off the first team by half a point according to the computer and these numbers were quadruple checked. Andy dominated when he played; hopefully Brad Shaw plays him more minutes than Bergeson did.


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