June Blog Blitz is Coming!

There was a request for new posts which is amazing -it has been long enough that we’re all like “OOOOKAY, BASKETBALL SEASON, LET’S GET TO IT!” We’ve had a break, we’ve healed, we’ve recovered. Congrats to this year’s grads -come back and visit! We’ll have you covered for what your teammates are up to. Provide us with information if you feel so inclined.

It was thought that there might be a blog blitz this week, but we’ve decided to do it on the week of the NBA’s dead air between the conference finals and the championship series between Cleveland and hopefully the Warriors. We’re a west coast blog; Warriors all the way, although partly because the Clipper loss was so aggravating.

On the horizon for next week:

  • All Conference teams !!
  • GNAC MBBlog Player of the Year
  • Conference underclassmen we’re REAAALLY excited about.
  • Discussions: The 30 Second Shot Clock, Bergeson leaving, Jim Shaw taking over, + ?? Suggest stuff!
  • The Blog favorites -some of whom are (thankfully) graduating.
  • CONCORDIA -full members of our conference now!! They are, but our preview will be later.
  • The earliest GNAC prognostication you’ll see which is subject to change by the time another one comes out in October.

Plus if there are any other posts you want: leave a comment or shout out on Twitter.


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