West Region Tourney Day #2

This really should have gone up the morning after, but there were complications because of the chaos that tends to reign after a team loses in the tournament -there are things to attend to and whatnot.

There’s a lot to say about this game, but there’s really not a lot to say. SPU people will love to cite the refs, which is unfortunate because they made some really good calls down the stretch and were for the most part uninvolved; it was impressive. GNAC refs definitely don’t do that. CCAA refs -you have our fullest respect, for largely letting teams play.

That being said, the announcers were saying SPU was trying to hang on when the Falcons were up by 13. Okay then. Conspiracy theorists, let yourselves go wild. When it came down to it, SPU missed free throws. Plain and simple. We harp on it all the time: do not miss your free throws. And that’s what did them in. It sucks for the GNAC, but it’s reality.

Seattle Pacific 77, Cal Baptist 78

SPU highlights: Riley Stockton had 15 points, eight assists (WHOA!), two rebounds, and two steals; Matt Borton had 15 points nine rebounds, and two assists; Mitch Penner had 14 points; Cory Hutsen had 10 points and five boards. Off the bench: Will Parker had six points; Shawn Reid had eight points and four boards; and Garrett Swanson had six points. The Falcons collectively shot 68% from the line, which isn’t awful, but doesn’t quite hit that 70% that we like to see and if it had… we’d be having a very different conversation.

Gonna skip the Cal Baptist analysis, because let’s face it: It’s the end of the season and this is largely a GNAC blog. The experiment of talking about all of the teams kind of ended and nobody really liked it outside of the scope of knowing how it fit with the GNAC, so… probably won’t bring that back.

People are curious about the blog next year: tentatively yes. We’ll deal with this more in the coming days, but know that I have had an absolute blast.


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