Previewing Tonight’s Games

Why did we say we would make predictions about these two games? Maybe it’s more of just thoughts on these two games. That sounds better. Here we go:

Cal Baptist (25-6) vs. Seattle Pacific (24-7) @ 5pm PDT.

Cal Baptist is a good team -so is SPU. The notable non-conference victories for the Lancers include a win over CSU-Stanislaus; they also have a 1 point loss to the 3rd seed in the South-Central region, TAMU-Commerce, whom actually was upset earlier today by Angelo State. In terms of common opponents: CBU split with Dixie State, swept Academy of Art, split with BYU-Hawaii, and beat Hawaii Hilo; SPU beat Dixie State, lost to Academy of Art, split with BYU-Hawaii, and beat Hawaii-Hilo. These two teams appear to be incredibly evenly matched and in terms of a key match-up: not sure. The best player for CBU yesterday was Taj Spencer; the best player for SPU yesterday was Mitch Penner. Will they go head-to-head? Doubtful. From glancing at the heights of both teams, there appear to be a good number of mismatches but not really necessarily in either team’s favor. CBU’s mode appears to be 6’7; SPU’s mode is 6’4.5. However, CBU has a lot of 6’2 guys -SPU is pretty much straight up 6’4-6’5 with the exceptions of Will Parker and Cory Hutsen. Ideally, Cory will see a lot of minutes and Will will see few.

As for the outcome of the game, like all tournament games: we’re not picking. Seeding and conference strength would have us picking the Lancers, but loyalty would have us picking the Falcons. The random player match-up we want to see? SPU’s Joe Rasmussen (6’8) vs. CBU’s Luke Walton (6’7); the pair were high school rivals.

Azusa Pacific (?) vs. Cal Poly Pomona (24-6)

APU just can’t escape rematches. These two great teams also played each other earlier this year, with the Broncos of CPP grabbing the victory in OT. Other common opponents: San Bernardino, Chico State, and San Fran State; APU beat those three teams, CPP lost to Chico but beat the other ones. This should be a really good match-up; the fact that both teams are nearby means the gym is going to be fun. There’s not a lot that we can say about this game because we don’t follow either of these teams nearly as closely as we follow a GNAC team, but… we’ll see. It should be a good match-up. Potential to turn into a inter-conference rivalry game if this one ends up being incredibly good, which is cool. As always, no outcome predicted. With this one: APU has to be getting exhausted, they’re dealing with quite a bit of pressure. CPP wants to win, they won a regional about five years ago, they know how to win, but whether or not they can put it on display… we’ll see. Yesterday APU beat WOU for the second time, and yet in the other rematch of the day SPU beat BYUH for the first time. Could go either way. Should be a great game though.

We’ll have you guys covered on twitter as of 5pm PDT.


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