POW Noms For March 2

Better late than never, eh? Told y’all this would get done. As a reminder: SFU/WWU are ineligible to win because of only playing one game. Honestly, only a couple of guys had two good games.

UAF: Almir Hadzisehovic
UAA: No one.
SFU: Sango, of course.
WWU: Jeff Parker -kid’s come on strong late in the season, had a monster of a game against SFU.
SPU: Matt Borton -double-double in both games.
MSUB: Antoine had an out-of-his mind game against CWU, but also played decently well against NNU.
CWU: Joe Stroud -only player to score in double figures against SPU, had 24 with decent shooting against MSUB.
NNU: Erik Kinney -full house against SPU, 19 points against MSUB.
SMU: Isaac Bianchini -off the bench, decent shooting in both games, love it.
WOU: Andy Avgi -good shooting, decent rebounding in both games against the Alaska schools.

Reminder: this is done by an algorithm, it’s biased in terms of what we weighted the algorithm to, but from game-to-game it’s always the same. What guys in our conference do on any given night varies. Player of the week announcement will be up in an hour.



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