Humboldt vs. Western Oregon

Just thought we’d put up a quick post while waiting for the selection show to start:

Humboldt State vs. Western Oregon

We like the Jacks, we’ve been disappointed in the Wolves. WOU won the regular season title, but they’ve gotten really bad as of late. Let’s take a look at notable losses and wins for both teams throughout the season:

Western Oregon: 23-6 overall, 15-3 in conference.
Non conference: Lost to Point Loma by 10, barely beat Fresno Pacific, lost to Azusa Pacific by 17, beat Dixie State by 15.
Conference: Three losses: WWU, SPU, and UAA; didn’t have their best player (Andy Avgi) in the WWU loss and lost by 20+.
Conference tourney: Lost to WWU by 10, firing on all cylinders.

Humboldt State: 22-8 overall, 15-7 in conference.
Non conference: Didn’t really play anyone; beat Alaska Anchorage & Alaska Fairbanks.
Conference: 7 losses, including to Dominguez Hills (terrible), Sonoma State, San Fran State, San Bernardino (2x), and Cal Poly Pomona.
Conference tourney: Beat San Bernardino by 5, lost to Cal Poly Pomona by 10.

Not sure what to tell you on that. WOU has losses to five conference tournament teams and four tournament-bound teams while having victories over only two assuredly bound tournament teams. HSU has losses to three conference tournament teams and while having victories over only one NCAA tournament bound team.

Can you punish a team for not playing anybody? That’s how the D1 tournament works, but SOS isn’t supposed to come to D2 until next year. HSU finished their season with three great wins and one palatable loss to a team that they’d beaten a week earlier. WOU finished their season with two losses and an unpalatable win.  However -WOU won their conference regular season title. The team WOU was at the end of the season would have never done that.

It’s incredibly hard to say. From a blog perspective, we won’t be annoyed if Humboldt State goes over Western Oregon, but at the same time we’re not against Western Oregon making the tournament either. It’s really iffy, because Humboldt is much more consistent. Our MO with making the tournament is always: who would we rather play? The other team will get the nod. We’d honestly rather play Humboldt because with the Jacks you know what you’re getting and can prepare for it -not the case with the Wolves. So we’re back to the same place.

Again: we’ll stick with our decision to give WOU the nod, but if the Jacks made it instead of the Wolves there’ll be no hard feelings. If you want to go to the tourney: win games. Both of these teams have reasons for being there, and both have reasons for being excluded. We’ll side with WOU on this one largely because of strength-of-schedule despite a weak conference.

The selection show is a mere half-hour away!


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