Final Bracketology Predictions

Gah, this is so much pressure. Why do people like this? It’s so much more awkward in an eight team tournament when it seems entirely possible to get it right.

1. Azusa Pacific -regular season record speaks for itself.
2. BYU-Hawaii -great regular season record, proved themselves off-island in the conference tourney.
3. Cal Baptist -great regular season record, nice blowout over APU in the tourney.
4. Dixie State -great regular season record, has improved, come on strong, but definitely the weakest of Pac-West tourney teams.
5. Cal Poly Pomona -beat Chico State in the conference championship game in OT, slightly better non-conference record.
6. Chico State -won the CCAA, lost to Cal Poly in OT during the conference tourney championship game.
7. Western Oregon -GNAC regular season conference champions, good record, beat SPU in OT during the last meeting.
8. Seattle Pacific -GNAC tourney winner -decent record, lost to BYUH, beat Dixie, split with WOU.

Which would mean:

CBU vs. Chico
Dixie vs. CPP

Talked to the CCAA blog last night even before things shook out and it was basically just a formality; we’re in firm agreement with one another, so that’s good. Although actually, not sure what he thinks with BYU-H losing -have they earned that 2nd seed? Not the biggest BYU-H fan, but seems fair.

It’s interesting because it is literally Pac-West—CCAA—GNAC, which is what non-conference said months ago, but usually a team like WOU doesn’t fall quite so far. Putting them as the 7th seed seems fair, especially because BYU-H beat SPU by 15; WOU lost to SPU once, took it to OT the second time, and then lost to a team SPU blew out the third time. The WOU in-conference record says that they deserve the nod over the Falcons; they won the regular season, best record, all that jazz, but eh. SPU at 8th doesn’t seem impossible. We touched on this last night: Not even we’ve figured out the Seattle Pacific team. We’ll analyze more once the bracket officially comes out.

Reminder: the selection show starts at 7:30pm PDT.


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