Conference Tournament Day #3

Mormons, Methodists, and Cal Poly pa-Mona

The Ms are so on right now.

BYU Hawaii 84, Cal Baptist 79.

Proving that God loves Mormons more than Baptists. This game was such a mix. First CBU was up by quite a bit, then it was close, then BYU-Hawaii was up by quite a bit, and then it was close, and the Mormons beat the Baptists. Contrary to what happened historically with the Baptists tar and feathering the Mormons. This is repayment for that, eh?

No, what this game really means is that Azusa Pacific will be hosting the tournament. That’s what this game really tells us.

Seattle Pacific 81, Western Washington 68

This is a weird game for us to talk about. Why? Because we really try to not support the Falcons for fear of looking biased and so we’ve kind of been hemming and hawing on them all season, not saying anything particularly bad, but also not saying anything particularly great as the season’s gone on. Did we see this coming? Hard to say. Yes and no. We thought WWU was better than they were earlier in the season -this is a fact, they blew out the Falcons in the last meeting. But shots weren’t falling, the Western team looked extremely discombobulated. Yes, there were some bad calls, but we’ve maintained Goliath affiliation: We like Western a lot -they’ve been our partners in crime, we respect the heck out of them, but we also like Seattle Pacific a lot. This is their third time winning the conference tournament in a row, they’re likely going to be facing #1 seed Azusa Pacific, and… Good luck Falcons, good luck.

Cal Poly Pomona 62, Chico State 57 in OT

This was a good game straight up -CPP was up at one point by five, but that was about as big as the spread got. Congrats to Chico State -they’ve punched their ticket to the tournament with tonight’s play and the lack of upsets. Not too much to say about this game other than wow. It was back and forth. It was well matched. We’re excited because we predicted Chico to win the regular season but Cal Poly Pomona to win the tournament? There is that.

The SPU/WWU highlights’ll be in a separate post up at 11pm, just because we have officially switched over to tournament mode -we’ll be covering the whole west region tournament, for the most part watching every game.

It’s going to be more complicated than it would in past years -this’ll be the first year in four that we’re not in attendance -grad school responsibilities- but it should still be amazing and we’re excited to root everyone on from afar. We want to see the best West region team make it and ideally go really deep and win the national championship; seems unrealistic that a GNAC team’ll do that, so we’re happy to support our fellow west region brethren.

GNAC people: POW for last week will seriously be up tomorrow, and the all-conference lists will probably be up the week after the west region tourney.

Our final projection of the bracketology will also be up tomorrow morning by 11am.

Congrats to all… WE’RE GONNA BE TOGETHER!!! We’ve loved every minute in the past, love all the teams, to those that are getting to go: What a blessing. Have a blast!


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