Conference Championship Previews

Yes, this went up late because of a failure to change it from ‘draft’ to ‘scheduled.’ Sorry y’all.

All times pacific.


Cal Baptist vs. BYU-Hawaii @ 4:30pm

Honestly, BYU-Hawaii had such a blowout last night that I’m no longer in the camp of doubting the Seasiders. But Cal Baptist is nothing to sniff at -the potential of hosing the tourney is on the line if they win this game. That could be really cool, especially considering it’s only their second year officially in our region. We should be rooting for BYU-Hawaii because of CWU/SPU’s losses to them, but… no preference.


Seattle Pacific vs. Western Washington @ 6:30pm

Rivalry game! This is the third time these schools have played in this game in three years. Seattle Pacific has won the last two. Seattle Pacific is a good team that has proven to not need all of their guys to be functioning on all levels and yet still win; they basically only had okay offensive performances on Friday and yet won by twenty. Not sure whether that’s impressive by the Falcons or pathetic by the Crusaders. Western is a really, really good team. They’re functioning off the bench, don’t expect Anye to have a second bad game in a row, love this Western team, could not be more proud of them, but: We won’t take sides. We’ve been open now for a while that WWU and SPU are the favorites around here, NOT because they’re good, but because of alma mater affiliation.


Cal Poly Pomona vs. Chico State @ 7:35pm

Actually genuinely like both teams. Love Cal Poly Pomona -have had great conversations with their folks over the years at the tournament, love Chico State -felt super welcome at the Mac Martin Invitational. We’ll go with rooting for Cal Poly Pomona, purely because of our prior prediction that Chico State would win the regular season but CPP would win the tournament. Fear not Chico State folks -you’ll still get a bid, because there have been exactly no upsets that were unexpected. No true preference on the winner though.

We should be in for a great night of basketball -keep up with us on twitter and be sure to chime in!


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