Previewing Tonight’s Games


Seattle Pacific vs. Northwest Nazarene

The Falcons just beat the Crusaders this past Saturday -they’ve swept them this season, but… the Falcons are an unpredictable team and whether they can take that unpredictability and be productive with it goes both ways; they lost both games at home to the border schools (WWU/SFU) but managed to pull it off against the Alaska schools in Alaska. NNU is more predictable, but… they need every guy to have a good game; SPU has proven that’s not the case. Honestly don’t have a preference for who wins.

Western Oregon vs. Western Washington

This one we’ll take sides, but it’s not because of a dislike of Western Oregon: we’ve been in WOU’s corner all year. There’s just the idea that they don’t need the auto bid, especially because all of the higher seeded teams in the other two conferences won last night. WWU has been our favorite to win the conference tournament ever since they got rid of Jaamon -and that’s good news for WOU. It’s always more fun when more GNAC teams are in attendance at the tournament, especially when it’s far away; it was sad last year when SPU was by themselves (not proverbially -it seriously was sad to be in SoCal without anyone else from the GNAC). Conference pride yo’! It’s going to be a tough match-up, but WWU should be able to pull it off -that’s what we extrapolated from the stats last time the teams played, even factoring in Andy Avgi (who didn’t play the last time the teams met).


Cal Baptist vs. Azusa Pacific

Like SPU/NNU, these two teams literally just played on Saturday and APU won by a lot. Not going to take sides, Azusa should be hosting the Regional, they won by 20 six days ago, so we’ll bet they win again.

Dixie State vs. BYU-Hawaii

Dixie State alllll the way. Not just because they were beaten by SPU and WOU, but because BYU-H is as annoying as CWU. BYU-H does have some quality wins, but they all come on the Islands and not the mainland and yet everyone continues to give them the benefit of the doubt. Yes, they beat Point Loma, but we were never particularly convinced of PLNU, much as we were openly rooting for them. Go Red Storm! This isn’t a prediction that DSU will win -just that we want them to.


Stanislaus vs. Chico State

Rooting for Chico State, they’ll theoretically win. Like Stanislaus, but not as much as Chico. Mac Martin was… horrifying, but the NCAA tournament was worse. This game seems like a formality onto the conference championship game, even if Stanislaus wins it (which seems doubtful).

Humboldt vs. Cal Poly Pomona

Cal Poly Pomona should win -they’re a good team. There’s been some talk that while Chico won the regular season title, Cal Poly Pomona is most likely to take the conference tournament. Love the Jacks, but just think that CPP is going to be too much. No regrets on being wrong though.

The projection is that the regional is going to be hosted at Azusa Pacific, which is super cool. The games are going to be fun to watch, we’ll be watching all six simultaneously -keep up with us on Twitter! We’ll mostly be retweeting and adding color commentary.


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