Conference Tournament Day #1

HOW AWESOME IS WWU?!?! Knew the Vikings could do it. And actually really, really thrilled with the Crusaders -that was one of those times where it was “don’t give anyone any more motivation to beat a team than they already have.” Was rooting for NNU the whole time -CWU was annoying this year.

Prepare for some tough love:

As a general rule, love the Wildcats. When a team is repeatedly screaming about how legit they are after getting whooped in non-conference -shut-up. Dom Williams is a cancer. Watching CWU go down was a sick type of enjoyment. Realize that’s how it was felt about Jaamon Echols (formerly of WWU), so… selfish play without legitimate production is a big thorn. You can shoot relatively poorly and play unselfishly all you want -not my place to judge (okay it is, but I’ll still pat you on the back).

Someone actually informed me this past weekend that Sango is convinced he’s going to the NBA. I stated that I’d like some of whatever he’s smoking because clearly it’s quality -then again, he lives in the Vancouver metro, so not surprising.

Anyway, tonight’s games! Tough love continued.

WWU 76, UAA 56

Alright, this is the game where I let loose with all of the crap that I’ve been wanting to give some of these teams. WHAT WERE YOU DOING ANCHORAGE?!?!? WWU is a good team, but they’re not good enough to make two of your better guys shoot 2-10 and 6-15 with your best guy going 5-9. You could have waited for better shots, you could have shot at the basket and made sure you recovered the board. Your rebounding wasn’t dismal and was spread out pretty well, but that makes the point all of the better: selfish play got you this. Travis Thompson benefit of the doubt over. You do not go 2-10. Brian McGill is actually more respectable because he realized he was cold and stopped shooting. You had a couple of bench players that were at least doing better -why not go to them? Guess what? Now none of you are playing at the hands of a team you beat twice, because of your refusal to work together. Awesome.

Anchorage highlights: Travis Thompson had six assists; Derrick Fain had 17 points; Brad Mears had six points. Off the bench: Sjur Berg had six boards; Dom Hunter had 10 points; KALIDOU had 10 points and four boards.

WWU doesn’t get a rant because they get picked on a lot. Non-WWU people will be like ‘NO THEY DON’T.’ Yes they do -we’re still harping on Jaamon Echols and he’s not even on the team any more. They get plenty of criticism, it’s just they’ve actually evolved into unselfish play so there’s not much to critique right now. Jeff Parker -your shooting was bad. Why doesn’t it need to be harped on? Because Jeff knows it and is probably embarrassed, as he should be. Travis and Derrick have had game after game of abysmal shooting -clearly they’re not embarrassed enough.

Viking highlights: Anye wasn’t needed much but played 35 minutes (hella deep!), grabbed seven boards, scored 17 points, and picked up a mere two fouls; Mac Johnson had eight boards and nine points. Off the bench: KYLE IMPERO!!!!! Had 16 points, ten boards, five assists, two steals, and a block!!! Joey Schreiber had 25 points, six boards, and two steals. Love that bench play. We’ll also shoutout Ricardo Maxwell for realizing that his shooting was off and picking up a few assists, a couple of steals, and a few fouls instead -he still played 33 productive minutes.

NNU 79, CWU 73

Still jumping for joy. Let the haterade flow Wildcats. You’re going home. Much like Anchorage: selfish, selfish, selfish. But with the demographics of the two schools… hardly surprising. Education < Hoops. WWU has that rep too, but they’re at least¬†good. CWU is where you go if you’re not good enough to go to WWU.

Sorry Vikings -they already hate you, this isn’t adding fuel to the fire, just dousing them with a dose of reality they’re naturally denying anyway. Feel those warm rivalry flames.

The fact that Dom shot 10/21 in this game and we know it’s a good percentage for him? On no other team would the word “good” be in any realm. In fact, any SPU/WWU/WOU player would be nauseated by the number because they know there had to be better shots available.

Wildcat highlights: Terry Dawn had a full house with seven boards, two assists, two steals, a block, and two fouls, along with nine points; Joe Stroud had 12 points and nine boards; Dom Williams had 29 points. Off the bench: Gary Jacobs had five boards on atrocious shooting (2-11); Devin Matthews had 13 points on almost as bad of shooting (2-8) but at least made his free throws. That almost sunk the Crusaders. Thankfully it didn’t.

Crusader highlights: ALEX BIRKETOFT had 14 points and eight boards; Erik Kinney had 17 points, five boards, and two assists; Mike Wright had 20 points, four assists, and three steals; KEVIN RIMA had ten boards, three assists, two steals, and ten points, along with four fouls. Off the bench: Matyas Herring had 13 points.

Nothing particularly alarming from the Crusaders -free throw shooting was only at 68% but they’re going to have their hands so full with the Falcons that the eight percent difference between what they had and what we’d prefer seems minute.

We’re going to briefly touch on what happened in the other two west region conferences:

BYU-Hawaii beat Point Loma -as expected.
Cal Baptist beat Hawaii Pacific -as expected.

Stanislaus beat UC San Diego -as expected.
Humboldt State beat San Bernardino -as expected.

Those are all good results for the GNAC, generally speaking; there’s some gray area because Hawaii Pacific was beaten by Seattle Pacific, so it would behooved us a little bit had they won, but… as a blog we haven’t been impressed with the Seasiders and felt Cal Baptist is a much better team, so it’s good that they won.

Same thing with BYU-H/PLNU; PLNU was beaten by WOU, BYU-H beat SPU, so toss-up there. Strength of schedule lays flat.

UCSD… this is a personal vendetta, but some of the UCSD coaches (in other sports) have a very big reputation of being obnoxious, so we’re happy to see them lose. Stanislaus -if you beat one of us, we’ll automatically root for you in the future under the guise of making ourselves look better.

Humboldt playing San Bernardino is an interesting one because Humboldt beat UAA and WWU beat CSUSB, but we’ve thought the Jacks were a better team this whole time because WWU at that point was particularly impressive, thus this was a good result.

Congrats to both the Vikings and the Crusaders! Love both teams so much. Best of luck tomorrow dealing with the Wolves and the Falcons. Previews up at 10am -we’ll deal with previewing the Pac-West & CCAA games too.

Also, POW noms will still go up for this past week -at some point. Maybe Saturday morning?


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