Game Day Previews + Tie Breaker Scenarios

Saint Martin’s @ Alaska Anchorage @ 4:15pm PST

The Seawolves are riding high, the Saints just suffered crushing defeat, both are going to want to dominate, the Saints have shown flashes of brilliance, but… it’s the Seawolves Senior Night; Anchorage’ll win.

CWU @ MSUB @ 6pm PST

Wildcats just got killed by SPU, Jackets just got killed by NNU; Wildcats are going to want it more -no one played particularly well, so look for Dom, Gary, and Joe to all have big games.

NNU @ SPU @ 7pm PST

Game of the night. Falcons want to get a win on senior night, Crusaders want revenge for a 30 point thumping earlier this year; the Crusaders have good height, the Falcons have good rebounding; Crusaders have to be feeling confident after a win over MSUB… honestly; this could be a close game, or this could be a Falcon blowout. It’s not going to be a Crusader blowout though.

Western Oregon @ Alaska Fairbanks @ 8:30pm PST

UAF is riding high off an OT victory, but WOU just got beat for the second time in two weeks. The Wolves are going to be out for blood and the expectation is that they’ll get it -Nook senior night or no.

Now the tiebreaker scenarios:

WOU is safe, no matter what. No one can touch the Wolves. Aside from that… while there’s a bunch of math and a bunch of “what ifs” and all were looked at: the fact is, the games have to be played and this blog has often refused to speculate. According to our predictions above, the final records of conference tourney bound teams will likely be as follows:

Western Oregon: 15-3
Seattle Pacific: 13-5/12-6
Alaska Anchorage: 12-6
Central Washington: 12-6
Northwest Nazarene: 12-6/11-7
Western Washington: 11-7

From what we can tell:

Western Oregon is safe no matter what, as is Seattle Pacific because:



That chart may be a bit confusing -it’s the same as above, so columns; home on top, away on the bottom. The lighter green indicates a win over a +.500 team.

UAA has four victories over .500 teams; WWU five; SPU five; CWU four; NNU four; and WOU 7. If SPU wins, they’ll have six; if NNU wins, the Crusaders will have five.

SPU will have 5/6 -tiebreaker because WOU
NNU will have 4/5, but still loses the battle to SPU because of a Falcon win over WOU.
CWU will have 4/5, loses the tiebreaker to NNU.
UAA will have 4/5, loses the tiebreaker to CWU, and NNU due to NNU’s win (in this situation) over SPU.
WWU has 5, but can’t match anyone’s win total.

Which would mean:

WOU #1
SPU #2
WWU #6

Tonight’s gonna be good.

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