This Week’s Regional Ranking

This’ll be brief, then the game previews’ll go up, but.

You know those years when the D1 bracket comes out and everyone goes “what the heck were these guys thinking?” Enter that moment with this week’s regional ranking:

1. Azusa Pacific
2. Cal Baptist
3. BYU-H
4. Western Oregon
5. Dixie State
6. Chico State
7. Cal Poly Pomona
8. Point Loma
9. Humboldt State
10. Seattle Pacific

How is BYU-H that high? How is Cal Poly Pomona that low? How is Point Loma that low? How is Chico that high? Um… okay. Well, this isn’t the official bracket, but what were these guys thinking? Did something bad happen on the BYU-H campus leading to a massive amount of pity votes? Is it because they’re losing their program and the regional committee wants them to get one last chance to host?

If BYU-H hosts, the suggestion would be to boycott. Why? Because they play so much better on the island, have no business hosting at this point (they lost @ APU, @ CBU, @ PLUN, and at home to DSU) and we all know the tournament isn’t going to St. George, so… ugh. Stop with the pity votes already, stop trying to procure yourselves a Hawaiian working vacation, and start actually, you know, voting like quality basketball is what you’re prioritizing.

Today’s GNAC game previews are up next.



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