Previewing Tonight’s Games

NNU @ MSUB @ 6pm PST

Crusaders should roll. Nice warm-up for them prior to the conference tournament in Alterowitz.

CWU @ SPU @ 7pm PST

Game of the night. Rivalry game. CWU would love to get a win in the SPU gymnasium, but will they?

SFU @ WWU @ 7pm PST

WWU’s gonna kill the Clan; they lost during the first weekend of conference play at SFU, they’ve played so much better as of late, would love to see the Vikings hold the Clan to 60 points or so and not have to modify stats. If anyone can do it, WWU can.

SMU @ UAF @ 8:30pm PST

Should be an interesting game. Toss-up as to who wins, although feeling like UAF will.

WOU @ UAA @ 8:30pm PST

If WOU has Andy, they should roll pretty easily; if they don’t, still expect the Wolves team to pull out the win. This oddly enough isn’t a knock on UAA; the WOU team is just great at finishing.


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