This Week’s Poll(s)

13. Azusa Pacific
20. Western Oregon
22. Cal Baptist
25. Cal Poly Pomona

Vote getters: BYU-H, Point Loma, Chico State, Seattle Pacific.

The extrapolated regional ranking:

1. Azusa Pacific
2. Western Oregon
3. Cal Baptist
4. Cal Poly Pomona
5. BYU-Hawaii
6. Point Loma
7. Chico State
8. Seattle Pacific

That looks like SPU is in, but that’s purely extrapolated from the poll and the poll is massively lacking in Dixie State. While Dixie lost to SPU by 10, they’ll still get the nod because their conference resume is so much more impressive -they’ve beaten APU, Cal Baptist, Point Loma, and BYU-Hawaii; you could knock them on road wins, but they did still beat PLNU & BYU-H on the road, and their road losses to APU & CBU weren’t blowouts.

Our regional ranking:

1. Azusa Pacific -killed Cal Baptist, but we’re unaware of the circumstances; still, impressive resume.
2. Cal Baptist -got killed by Azusa, but getting killed by the number one team in the region is excusable.
3. Cal Poly Pomona -game at San Bernardino State looms large this week.
4. Western Oregon -got killed by WWU, didn’t have their best player, whether or not they get him back is big.
5. Dixie State -love this Dixie State team, they’re improving and rising exactly at the right time, conference resume is good.
6. Point Loma -big match-up with Dixie State in St. George on Saturday.
7. BYU-H -got it done at home, although not impressively, still not convinced of them on the mainland.
8. Chico State -Can’t spell “slaughter” without “laughter,” which is what they should do this weekend.
9. Seattle Pacific -Did what was expected in killing MSUB, finally have their top three guys all playing well.
10. Western Washington -they’ve come on incredibly strong, the WOU win has nothing to do with it.

It was tempting to put Dixie State over Western Oregon, but in the “who would you rather play” debate, Dixie State narrowly edged out WOU.

That 10th spot was debated hugely and originally it went to Humboldt State over UCSD, but WWU is rising so fast, they’ve had so many great and convincing victories as of late, even if you call the Western Oregon victory a push, the Vikings have earned the nod at 10th. They seem like the most likely candidate to get the auto-bid from the GNAC.

Overall not too many surprises. Not entirely sure what to do with Cal Poly Pomona. Stanislaus fell in a big way, Hawaii Pacific projects a big gap between them and Point Loma (the next team in the standings) and in terms of non-conference wins are not particularly impressive; the Seasiders beat Central Washington and MSU-Billings, but lost big to Seattle Pacific. If CWU fans are reading this -Hawaii Pacific is a good parallel for you guys, as to why we’re not particularly impressed with the Wildcats (although it goes deeper because we know CWU much better).

Game day previews’ll be up tomorrow morning.

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