Player of the Week is… Julian Nichols! Again!

Julian last got the nod allll the way back in non-conference play, he gets nominated fairly frequently, and we’re so excited to get to name him POW for the second time. As noted -he didn’t play particularly well in the WWU game (nor did anyone else), but he really stepped up during the Simon Fraser game and played spectacularly.

Remember -we modify all numbers in games with SFU by .66 and even with those modifications his play was stellar. By far the best individual game this week. That fact is also interesting, because we’ve kind of been wondering if Sango is getting the shaft with his numbers always being modified; if it was basically impossible for him to win because of the modification.

Julian proves that it definitely is not impossible and the fact that he’s won both with normal numbers and with modified numbers tells you both how great the guys in our conference are and how great Julian is.

As we get to the end of the season, it’s hard to not start highlighting the juniors/underclassmen because we get the blessing of keeping them for another year+ and what that’s going to mean for our conference next year. Julian definitely falls into that category.

Congrats Julian! Have a fantastic week, and don’t let the frost bite =)

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