Player-of-the-Week Nominees

Our player of the week nominees. They tend to be different. We have an algorithm -it’s replicated each and every week. It’s been tested against all sorts of competition, and so while our results may be different from what most people think, the computer doesn’t play favorites. Aside from what went into deciding the formula, but again: the same, every single week.

The formula does require a player to play two games, so in this week… SPU/MSUB have the potential for a nod of nomination but are ineligible to win.

UAF: No one had a consistent week; Alex Birketoft of NNU gets the nomination “donated” instead.
UAA: No one had a consistent week; Ricardo Maxwell of WWU gets the nomination “donated” instead.
SFU: Michael Harper -did he hear us? Great to see him bounce back!
WWU: Jeff Parker -two consistent games, nicely done Jeff!
SPU: Matt Borton -he must’ve heard too.
MSUB: No one had a great game (poor shooting percentages); Mac Johnson of WWU gets the nom instead.
CWU: Dom Williams -had a couple of great games and proved why he’s the MVP of the CWU team.
NNU: Erik Kinney -Two good games, great to see, happy to have him for another year.
SMU: Tyler Idowu -also apparently heard us.
WOU: Julian Nichols -did the most of the least (as in, no one played great) against WWU, but had a fantastic game against SFU.

Things are getting rough. WWU’s getting hot. Honestly, the pickings were kind of slim -there weren’t too many amazing numbers; guys that missed it in the past would’ve won this week. Thems are the breaks. Then again… the player that won has missed out with better numbers in other weeks, so that really is just the way the cookie crumbles.

The announcement of said winner’ll be up at 7pm PST.

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