Nightlights: So Many Bounce-Back Games!!

We weren’t going to put this up, it’s going up at about 2:30am, it’s going to be ugly, it’s going to be bullet points, tomorrow’s post isn’t going to be much better, because ball is life and ball is crazy and thus life is crazy.

Still, there were so many awesome performances tonight that we couldn’t resist.


  • Marc Matthews scored 24 points against SPU.
  • Matt Borton bounced back with a double-double!!
  • Michael Harper bounced back with a major point outing.
  • Julian Nichols had a monster game, including a full house, after being pretty silent on Thursday.
  • Lew Thomas managed to not be a liability (Lew Thomas is the Cory Hutsen of the Wolves… we love both of them, but they both often play much worse than they theoretically are).
  • Jordan Wiley had a fantastic game.
  • Jeff Parker had his second amazing game of the week.
  • Joey Schreiber was incredibly valuable for the Vikings off the bench.
  • Tyler Idowu posted a career-high (thanks SMU) 24 points and it was good to see him bounce back.
  • Trey Ingram had a better game than he’s been having.
  • Anchorage & Northwest Nazarene played a heck of a game that went into OT and was otherwise amazing if not lacking in defense a bit.
  • Travis Thompson & Derrick Fain (of UAA) combined for 65 points on pretty decent shooting.
  • Alex Birketoft had 29 points!!!!!!!! He’s a freshman *clap clap clapclapclap* Sorry -we can’t resist. So proud of that kid! Absolute blessing to watch.
  • Erik Kinney was one board away from a double-double!! 14 points and nine boards, plus four assists –quite nice.
  • Kevin Rima had a double-double -nice bounce back.
  • Almir had 23 points for the Nooks.
  • Tony Reese (can we call him that? That’s what we always think when seeing his name) had a nice 10 boards, also for the Nooks.
  • Dom Williams had 27 points as CWU escaped with their usual clinic of teamwork.
  • Terry Dawn had 12 boards.

Yes, it’s brief. It’s good to see so many guys bounce back. It was an awesome afternoon/evening of basketball, we can’t wait to look at it more in-depth; alas, there’ll be a post that goes up at 11am and then all will be silent until Monday afternoon.

GNAC you’s impressive and be a rockin’ da north. What’s sad is we’re not really impressive in context unfortunately, but we sure do still make each other look good.

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